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Regarding my brother new treatment-please read


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Hello again

I hope you remember me, anyway it's been a few weeks since I posted on this board (I'm new here).

My brother was diagonosed with NSCLC *right lung* on August 2004'-inoperable due to location (too close to the heart and trachea- size of a small lemon) He received radiation, later on chemo treatment (comb of 2 medications)this treatment was stopped due to his blood count being extremelly low. When he got better they started him on taxotere (he received only 3 treatments out of 6), he got very sick on this chemo and was hospitalized with pneumonia, new ct scans show a significant redcution on the primary tumor, but unfortunately he has 3 nodules now on the left lung. It's been 7 weeks since he got out of the hospital after fighting pneumonia, about 2 weeks ago fluid was taken out from the right lung 300cc's and he felt much better, his blood count was going up as well... He still has a lot of pain and numbness of the feet due to the chemo, he also has a noticeable growth tumor like, visible to the eye right below the clavicle, almost like between the intercostal space, it feels hard and elongated, and it's painful...This doesn't feel at all like a lymph node, it's much bigger and it's very hard...The doctors are not saying much and unfortunately we don't ahve the money to take him for a second opinion. It's just taking so long (I think) for them to give him treatment, it's been almost 2 months since he got out of the hospital and he hasn't had any chemo...3 new nodules and a visible tumor like growth now...They gave him some type of sterioid to give him energy (he has to take this for 2 weeks) and they said that they were going to treat him with pills starting the 23rd of May...Does anyone knows what pills are those?...I didn't know they ahve chemo in a pill form?...I think teh doctors are not saying much probably because the prognosis is not that good!

Please keep him in your prayers!

Thank you

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The pill that you are talking about is probably Tarceva. I have been on it for 5 months and a few others have been on it with great success. It has worked wonders for many here, I hope it works for your brother.

The side effects are rash, diahrrea, and fatigue.

Good luck,


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Sorry to hear that your brother is having a rough time of it at the moment. If the pills that the oncologists are talking about is a chemotherapy agent, then I think it is likely to be Tarceva. Several members are having good results with this drug - you might want to do a search using the icon at the top of the page....can you find out from the doctors (or your brother) exactly what the pills are? Much better than trying to guess!!!

Hoping that whatever it is works well for him.


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Your brother certainly has some issues that need to be addressed without delay. Sorry you have to be here and hope and pray for the best. It was mentioned that funds/insurance was not available for a second opinion. You can't affort not to. Talk to the Social Worker at your nearest reputable cancer institute or county social worker. SOMEONE WILL HELP!!!!!!!!! Please. God Bless.


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Please do as others have suggested and get a second opinion. Find a large, or at least comprehensive cancer center near you. Speak with the billing office. Many have programs for those who are financially struggling. If you can afford the current treatment, you can afford a second opinion. Meanwhile, many are praying for you and your brother. He's lucky to have you at his side, sis. If the docs are not "saying much", find a doc who will. Be in control, you will never regret it.

Prayers and good thoughts...


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