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Mom's dx...ready for Hope


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Now that the shock of the dx and prog. they gave mom have worn off, i'm ready to help her fight this beastie with everything we can. So, i'll give a little more information about what we know in hopes someone else has traveled this road before (i'm sure there are plenty)

She had a cold this past winter (as did we all) that resolved completely; then the cough came back. She was told that her heart function was bad, but they couldn't find a cause. They told her she had COPD. Treated all of it, and the cough just got worse and worse. She asked for a chest x-ray...and i think she knew what they would find. Biopsy results came back as small cell adenocarcinoma on May 13th...which just happened to also be her and my stepfather's 19th wedding anniversary. We had prepared ourselves for that, but not for what has come after. They did a PET on May 17th and her cancer was staged at IV with mets to nodes and brain. Praise God! there are no mets anywhere else.

My question, i guess, is WHY are they telling her that basically they can't DO anything? They're beginning radiation today (the 18th) on the tumor in the brain...and she said she "thinks" they're planning on starting chemo in two weeks. Is there anything i need to have her ask about? Or do i let them just treat her as they see fit? We feel so lost about this as it's completely new territory. Her cervical cancer all those years ago (amazingly) was treated ONLY with radiation.

Plus, she's a little worried about the effects of the radiation on her cognitive ability...anyone have any idea what it's going to be like. We're dealing with the opposite end of the body we did last time!

I told her i've been reading here and that i got a kick out of the "empty headed club"...prays she'll be there with you all!!

Thanks for the warm welcome!! I'm sure i'll have lots of questions as we progress thru this.

~~The Beastie Never Wins~~

~~Fortes Fortuna Juvat...Fortune Favors the Brave~~

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You've come to the right place if you're looking for hope! There's lots of it to go around and many, many reasons to believe in it, too!

It is always possible to achieve a remission and I think that as you and your family are starting this battle you have every reason to believe that your Mom can live (and well) with this disease.

It's great that you are supporting her the way you are. A loving support network truly contributes to the successful management of this disease. Reach deep and you'll find that you have the strength you need to cope and do what needs to be done. Your strength will also help your Mom maintain her strength and resolve.

Though medical professionals may seem pessimistic, it does appear that they are looking to treat her as best as they can. They may just be pleasantly surprised by how her cancer responds (SCLC is very sensitive to chemo) and other treatment options may open up to you in the medium term (eg. radiation of primary lung tumour).

Best of luck to you, your Mom and family. Help her fight hard and cherish every moment.


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it is extensive sclc...and thanks so much for your repsonses, already emailed her the list that you put up :D She's a list-maker anyway, so that was great for her! Thanks again,

~~The Beastie Never Wins~~

~~Fortes Fortuna Juvat...Fortune Favors the Brave~~

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Missy, we are your neighbors to the East.....

I love the pic of your mom..........I think she could be one of my best friends. What a lovely happy lady!!

Tell her she has 2 new friends in IL who are rooting for her and all of you.

Pat and Brian

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