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The Results are In

Connie B

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Good Morning LC Family;

Well, here's the scoop.

1. CT SCAN: still shows nodule, and the nodule has changed but very slight. This nodule we have been watching for over 2 years now. It started out being 4mm, then went to 6mm, then back to 4mm, then up to 7mm and now it is 8mm. Yes, this is small, BUT, he said, there are tests being done on (MEN) that they are watching (NODULES) and these nodules appear to stay small for 3,4 or 5, etc... years but in some cases these nodules are turning into cancer.

He said, in the real world (when it comes to me, & being a Lung Cancer Survivor) he would LOVE to go in there and take this bugger out of me, BUT due to having ONE LUNG and two open heart surgeries under my belt, my risk level is not good for surgery, unless we REALLY REALLY HAVE TO do surgery. So, we continue to watch this nodule.

2. Heart (Myxoma Tumor/Nubbin) Echo showed NO REAL CHANGE in the Nubbin in the Left Atrium! It has not grown in size but, they don't feel it is causing any problems. I also have a very small leak in on of my valves and that too, is soooooo small, they don't feel it's a problem at this time. We will do a wait and watch with that as well. They are NOT ruling out it could be a recurrence of the Myxoma, but we'll watch it.

3. Blood work: All is good but the cholesteral. Never had high cholesteral, but I do now!! :roll:

So, all and all things are looking GOOD! As for my Shortness of Bearth??????? That is a total MYSTERY!

BOTH my LUNG and HEART Doc's feel we may NOT really know what is causing this.

I asked if it was the COPD, and my Lung Doc said, NO. My COPD/Emphysema is soooooo small and hasn't really changed in 10 years time, so he said that is NOT the problem. I don't have Asthma either. They are stumped.

Well that's my news! I wish to THANK YOU ALLLLLLLLL for your love and support. It really pleases me to know I have such a wonderful support system behind me. It also assures me that this WONDERFUL BOARD is working for many of us here, in the fact that we are all getting such great SUPPORT from one another, which is what this Board is all about.

I will continue to PRAY for a cure, and I PRAY that all those that are in there treatments will complete there treatments, and end up being just like me! A 10 year Cancer Free Lung Cancer Survivor! :wink:

Thank you again for being here when I needed a friend and support. YOUR THE GREATEST!!! God Bless us All!

Love to All,

Connie B

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Yippee! You got the results and the wait is over. All good news. Did they call last night? or early today? Those waits are SO HARD! Glad it is over ---til next time. Donna G

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Glad the wait is over. That is ALMOST the worst part, isn't it? Sounds good! I am going to concentrate my prayers now on that nodule. I want to PRAY that little bugger away! When do yu get your next scan? I will be anxiously waiting each time to hear the status of it.

Glad the news was so good. Yes, we are all lucky to have such support.

Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all. 10 years certainly gives many us hope we may not have had on our own!


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This is good news. Just wanted to share something with you. I've had episodes of SOB that were brought on by my being anemic. Low hemoglobin and you can't transport oxygen. Also, another cause of the SOB for me is that my trachea shifted to the right sometime after my lung was removed. When the shift occurred it caused a slight obstruction of my windpipe. Air has to move across some of the ridges...The result is a very small mechanical obstruction. It's why I make noise when I breath (called Stridor). Is it possible that this is happening to you?

I am very glad that you don't have some great big huge malignant tumor in your lung. And I'm glad that the heart tumor has not made a full blown recurrence. And mostly I'm glad that you have been my friend over all these years. Thank Goodness! You've helped me face down multiple recurrences. And I will always be grateful.

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Well All, after 10 great years of being a LC Survivor, you would THINK I would be use to the Dreaded Test Results waiting game?!?!?!? :roll:

Well, to be honest, I'm a LOT better NOW then what I use to be like when this journey all started. :roll::wink: But, the truth is, it still tends to ruffle a few of my feathers having to wait more then 4 days after tests are done. :roll:

Not much I can do about it though, so I always go with the "No News Is Good News!" saying. But looking back to 10 years ago, I've gotta tell you,

I've come a LONNNNG WAYS BABY!!! :wink:8)

Thank you ALL once again for your love and support.

Please Lord help us to find a cure, and help us to make a difference. Dear Lord, thank you also for bringing us together here. ((((ALL)))))

Love & Hugs to All,


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