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Organizations committed to Lung Cancer


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I thought I would start a new thread here in response to Fay's ACS topic.

I also attended the Women Against Lung Cancer meeting in Orlando last week along with my husband and met Iowagirl there. WALC assembled an impressive panel of organizations committed to finding cures, funding for more research and early detection. The panel topic, by the way, was on STIGMA as being the biggest impedient which all concerned are campaigning to change. I am posting the links to the organizations that comprised this panel along with brief descriptions about them from their websites. I am sure alot you here may already know about some of them, but I learned about a new one while attending this meeting. I did share about www.lchelp.com with several attendees there, by the way. I hope next year you can have a rep there :P . Here are the organizations - they all accept charitable contributions:

www.alcase.org ALCASE is the Lung Cancer Alliance - We simplified our name to better communicate our mission. The Lung Cancer Alliance is the only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to advocating for people living with lung cancer or at risk for the disease. Lung cancer causes more deaths in the United States than any other cancer. Over 60% of new lung cancers are diagnosed in people who never smoked or who managed to quit smoking even decades ago. Our initiatives aim to make fighting lung cancer a priority for more people and change public perceptions about the disease. Our unique patient education and support programs help people directly affected by lung cancer.

www.lungevity.org Our mission is to find a cure for lung cancer. The LUNGevity Foundation is the only organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to funding lung cancer research.

www.cancercare.org CancerCare is a national non-profit organization that provides free professional support services to anyone affected by cancer: people with cancer, caregivers, children, loved ones, and the bereaved.

www.joanslegacy.org The Joan Scarangello Foundation to Conquer Lung Cancer is committed to fight lung cancer by searching for a cure, focusing greater attention on the world's leading cancer killer, and saving lives through identifying and advancing research, awareness and early detection initiatives.

www.4walc.org Women Against Lung Cancer is a young organization, originally formed in 2001, and officially incorporated in 2003. Our mission is to decrease deaths due to lung cancer, and help patients live longer and better, through research, awareness, and advocacy.

We will accomplish the above mission by:

1. Raising awareness of the lung cancer epidemic, particularly in women

2. Increasing funding for lung cancer research

3. Supporting and encouraging research in sex differences in lung cancer

4. Encouraging and supporting professionals, particularly women, to go into and be successful in lung cancer research, treatment and care.

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Thanks Fay. I am advocating for ALL of us in every little way I can think of, whenever possible. Even shedding some light (and statistics) to one person who may bring up the you-know-what issue relating to the stigma, makes me feel better in trying to make a difference.

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Connie and Nancy FYI:

I am signed up on the WALC email newsletter. On their March newsletter was an announcement of their May 13, 2005 annual meeting in Florida AND they were going to AWARD TRAVEL GRANTS to medical professionals AND to patient advocates/survivors. So I filled in their application form and sent a brief letter via fax. A month later I was notified that I was awarded TWO $500 travel grants for myself and my husband to attend!! (And I got to visit my cousin in Orlando. 8) ) So I hope all of you will apply for next year!! [There was also a HUGE medical oncology convention occuring that same weekend at the Convention Center, so I am sure alot of your MDs and other providers attended that one.]

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Wow, I wish I had known about this one earlier, as I live about one hour from Orlando. This is definitely something to keep in mind for next year. I know that Dennis's oncologist spoke at the convention, as he usually does. If anyone in the Orlando area is seeking out a wonderful oncologist, look no farther that Dr. Omar Kayaleh with M.D. Anderson Ceancer Center in Orlando.

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Links - I have added a large amount of links to our main page now.. I was a bit lazy on adding all of these, however If you would like to check it out just click on the links / documents to your left.

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Thanks gal-pal for the information. I'll have to take some time here and get my feet wet with WALC. :wink:

I haven't as of yet, but I think I might just see what it's alllll about. Thanks so much for sharing all this. It's really WONDERFUL INFORMATION.


Thanks Rick for adding these Links to our Front Page as well.



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