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UCLA Screening / Celebrex Trial


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Please see below my reasons for reposting info about this trial which is still on-going.


Requirements for Entry Into the Study

If you are at least 45 years old, and a former heavy smoker who has quit for at least 1 year

--------------------------- OR --------------------------

If you are at least 18 years old, and quit smoking for at least 1 year and had surgery for stage I lung cancer at least 6 months ago

Then: You may qualify to participate in an important study on cancer prevention using Celebrex, which is an FDA-approved drug (safer than aspirin) for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, but has not yet been approved by the FDA for prevention of lung cancer.

2 REASONS TO CONSIDER THIS TRIAL if you are eligible:

1. I enrolled in this study and have received a CT screening at NO COST, being a proponent of early detection. I am also a former 30 year smoker. I do not know if I am going to continue on this study, because I am hestitant about the next step which is a broncosocopy (SP?) procedure and then on the the celebrex portion. But AT LEAST I was able to have a FREE chest CT and know everything to date is good!

2. Through word-of-mouth, an acquaintance who is also a former smoker, enrolled in this trial. His CT showed evidence for further testing and he has been diagnosed at EARLY stage, which would never had occurred if he had not inquired about this trial. He has most recently undergone surgery and is Stage 1.

If for no other reason, CT screening is a GOOD thing.

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