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Off to see Pop's!!


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Hi All,

Tomorrow I will be flying out to see Pop's for a couple of weeks. While I am there I will meet with his oncologist and cardiologist to discuss his current treatment (topotecan...which is not giving him any serious side effects aside from fatigue). Can't wait to spend time with him!! Mom said he has been pacing around for the last few days in anticipation.


When I get back my FIL (NSCLC) will be flying out to spend time with us if he gets the clear from his doc's. He has not been doing very well. My sister in law called his oncologist a few weeks ago and he said that they are continuing chemo because he (FIL) wants it but they only anticipate another 3/6 months (but we all know about stats being WRONG/useless at times). The doctor said that my FIL doesn't know (because he didnt ask). My sister in law and husband don't want to tell him what his oncologist said but I don't feel comfortable in keeping the info from him (I would never go against there wishes since it isn't my dad). I think that he has the right to know (he is a widower btw) but they feel that he should just enjoy life. Any thoughts on this? I know my Pop's wanted to know because he wanted to make sure that affairs were in order just in case.


Academically I am feeling great since I took my last final exam today!! I have the summer to recoup and to talk myself into coming back in the fall :-)


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Golly, I thought you were going to see the Pops , and I am thinking "Wonder if it is the Boston Pops". Then I read it is your Pop. Have fun and enjoy! Donna G

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In regards to letting your FIL know, I'm sure that he probably has a good idea, my opinion is that to know a "time frame" so to speak really is not going to change anything. I believe that no one really knows anyway as this is beyound what any of us can control. Plus, he is aware that he is battling a serious, life threatening disease, I would think that he is already planning on getting things in order. Maybe you could have your SIL just speak to him about the important issues without actually going into the "why" behind her reasons???

Just my opinion, I'm glad that they did not tell my dad an estimated time. I believe that it could go one of 2 ways, either the patient will try to fight with everything in them, or just the opposite, they might just give up mentally. Either way, sometimes I feel that it is better to just let life happen. Plus, if there was an estimated time frame, I feel that it would have been more for myself then for mom and dad.

I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers -- I know that you are in a tough situation. Praying for comfort for all of you!

Again, have a great trip and visit with your "Pops!"


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