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Pain Meds


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Hi Everyone, Going Monday to get my scans. I finished my chemo 3 weeks ago and have had alot of problems with my blood counts and feel so tired but I am just worried over what Monday has to hold for me. I also wanted to ask how long is it before the pain goes away and you can stop taking pain meds. I try not to take them but i wait as long as I can then I have to take one. Please let me know how long do you usually take them. Hope all is going good with everyone.



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Dear Nancy,

Could you please give us alittle more info on your situation, such as why are you taking pain pills, what pain are you talking about, and some info on what kind of cancer you have (I assume it's SCLC being your posting in this forum) and what kind of treatments you had done so far???

Chemo causes havoc with our blood counts. Your doctor should be on top of that at all times. Once you have completed your treatments, they should stablize in time. Your energy level will return, but it takes time. Don't let things go untended to, always keep your doc informed so he can stay on top of things for you as well.

Now trust me when I tell you this is EASIER SAID THEN DONE, but as for your CT Monday, TRY REAL REAL HARD, NOT to worry about something you don't know.

It will be what it will be, and what ever that is, you'll deal with it then. No sense in wrecking the next few days knowing nothing. Just think happy thoughts. :roll::wink: I know, I said it's EASIER SAID THEN DONE!! ((((((NANCY)))))

Keep us informed.

Best Wishes,


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We need to know-

1. What the pain is

2. Where it is located

3. When did it start

4. What med are you taking for it now??

I have been on Darvocett off and on for 3 yrs. I ended up with something they call chemo induced arthritis?? :evil:

I do well on celebrex but can not afford it. The darvocett 2-3 times a day works and is so cheap.


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Just food for thought. It may be better to take meds than to suffer! They say when you have pain, it sort of maps into your brain and later when all is healed the "map" is still there so you still feel the pain. Perhaps a different pain med if you are too "drugged". Time release meds don't hit so hard so you get better relief with less med. Donna G

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I had the same thoughts at one time going into and coming out of my first chemo. Here I was going from an occasional aspirin once in a while to taking enough narcotics to keep the 7th fleet afloat.

In cases like this I've found it best to follow the advice of those who have the experience. My nurses were great. They, too, recommended staying ahead of the pain. It (the pain) will be, as was said, what it will be.

If you're concerned about the addict versus dependence thinking there is great literature out there to help. In a nutshell, taking narcotics will not turn you into an addict. Yoy may become dependent and need medical supervision to control your maintenence and gradual withdrawal, but you will not become addicted in the standard meaning.

Again, it depends on the type and severity of the pain. Listen to the pros. A Charge nurse once told me - if ever you needed medicinal pain relief, that time is now. She went on to say that to her quality of life was more important than anything - that whatever let you spend more quality time with loved ones and friends without the distraction of pain and discomfort, was worth all the gold in Ft. Knox. Hang in there, you have a lot of friends out here.

Uncle Doug

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Well I was dx with sclc in January 2005. I had 30 treatments of radiation twice a day and took my last round of v-16 and cisplatin 3 weeks ago. Upon doing all the scans they found out I had deteriorating disc in my upper back and neck. I have RA. Also the radiation burned my esophagas and I feel like I have something stuck all the time. I go for my scans Monday to see where I am with the tumor. I pray that it is gone. But I just didn't know how long all this pain would last. I take percocet for pain and if I take it it helps my pain. So I just wanted to explain myself more throughly. So I guess my question is how many of you still have pain and have to take meds for it.



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Nancy--My husband has been on timed released oxycontin for over a year. It keeps his comfortable and he was able to function--even driving. Do not worry about taking too many pain pills--you have to keep your body comfortable and save the strenght you have to fight the cancer with your treatments. If you are in pain--it takes alot our of you physically and mentally!! Please take care of yourself and Fight that cancer tooth and nail!!! :D:D:D

God bless you,Nancy C

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Take whatever you need. The Dr has prescribed a certain dose so you are safe taking what he said. I truely do not believe we get "addicted" to the pain meds. I might go a few days without anything then have to take 2 in the morning to just walk without pain, a couple in the afternoon and at times at bedtime so I don't wake up in pain.

Do not wait til the pain is bad, it takes longer for the meds to work. Most people get used to their dose and can function fine after a few weeks. I drive without any problems.

Good Luck, Cindy

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