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Poem by my husband


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My wonderful husband gave me a slip of paper today and told me to read it. I figured it was a note of encouragement. What i found was a piece of poetry he'd written while at work today. I cried as i read it, knowing that we'd all just fortified ourselves for our own "battle"...then sent it to Mom so she could see how much her son-in-law thinks of her, too. She asked me, after reading it, if i would post it on here for everyone to read. Here it is.

As the day fades from gray to black

And the army of death renews it's attack

We march relentlessly against the foe

But some stumble, fall, and rise no more.

When the smoke clears and the day is anew

We tally up the score from the night before

To see how many souls were sent to Heaven's door.

We scream "The toll was too high!"

"That many souls shouldn't have to die!"

But just like the night before

We march to meet death toe to toe.

Because, to stop means we are already dead

But we put that pain out of our heads.

For we don't want to see the pearly gates

We just want to make death wait.

Wait just as long as we can for us

To stumble and fall, and rise no more.

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