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So I'm Watching the CSI finale....


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Ok well first I read the evening paper and there is a small article about Frank Gorshin dying from lung cancer (he was "The Riddler" on the Batman show and an impressionist). Then we're watching the CSI finale and there in a restaurant scene sits Frank Gorshin! He had a few lines in the show and at the end they did a small tribute "in memory of Frank Gorshin."

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http://entertainment.news.com.au/story/ ... 29,00.html

HE was best known for his three years as The Riddler, the cackling, questioning, emerald-clad foil to television's Batman.

But Frank Gorshin, who died yesterday aged 71, was also an impressionist of incomparable skill and versatility.

Others mimic celebrity voices or change their appearances through elaborate prosthetics and make-up. But Gorshin needed none of those tricks to sustain someone else's identity.

With a twitch of a facial muscle or a tiny adjustment in posture, Gorshin could inhabit another soul with an eerie level of authenticity.

"All it took for Frank to become George Burns was a little powder and a couple of lines on his forehead," said writer Rupert Holmes.

"His impersonations went skin deep and yet were far, far deeper than mimicry. His greatest gift was that he was an actor first and an impersonator second."

Gorshin died at the Providence St Joseph Medical Centre in California. His wife of 48 years, Christina, said her husband "put up a valiant fight with lung cancer, emphysema and pneumonia".

The Pittsburgh-born Gorshin's career spanned scores of TV shows and movies - from General Hospital to Donny and Marie and from Hot Rod Girl to Bells Are Ringing.

Early in his career, he appeared in Las Vegas showrooms opening for bigger stars. He later became one of Ed Sullivan's favourite guests. Despite all that, Gorshin was still happy when fans called out "The Riddler" as he walked down the street.

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