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Mom is better after the taking her off of the neurontin


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Those of you who have been following my story about my mother know that we thought she had mets in her brain. The ct scan showed all clear!!!!! :lol:

So I decided to take the advice given to me here on the board about the neurontin and poof, she is getting a little better. She still has a hard time with balance and she still forgets words and such... but she is so much better now.

I have the power of attorney now and I told that dang doc that we want to go to Lexington for a second oppinion.

We still need to get to a sergeon for the port for chemo.... but all seems to be going well.....

She is still at stage 4. We will keep fighting. Never give up.

Mommy and Me(lol) are going to wal-mart today and do some shopping. I think we both need a little time away from this cancer. Just spend some quality time together and be happy.

Thank you... thank you.... thank you.... I can't say that enough.... you all have help me and mom so much I don't know what I would have done without you all....

Oh one more thing... she is a little more depressed than she was and she has been on Remron. I don't think it's working... any suggestions?

Prayers and hope go out to all of you.


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Renee, I'm so glad for you and your mom! :lol: It's great that it turned out not to be brain mets. As far as the depression, maybe the doc can perscribe a different anti depressant. There are alot out there, and different meds work for different people. In the mean time, you are doing the right thing by your mom, so be proud! :wink: I'll keep you in my prayers. Take care, Deb

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Always good to hear good news!! There are several anti-dep meds out there. The day I had my biopsies I was put on celexa. My Dr said he always did this because it kept his patients from becoming depressed. I have been on it 2 yrs, no side effects, and it is not habit forming. Might help.

Neurontin-YUK! I tried that for the neuropathy and it made me look and feel like I was losing it, I could deal with the side effects. How about you others?

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Guest tamiwags


I'm glad that you have had some good news in regards to your mother and this dreaded disease. :D

My mom was also depressed and the doc had her try zoloft. That one gave her terrible headaches. She is now on Paxil and is doing well. One thing that I found is when the doctor gives my mom a new prescription like this, which can be expensive especially when it doesn't work, I asked the pharmacist to give me 7 pills and if it's working that I'll be back for the other ones.

Take care and you can always email me.


Hershey, PA

Mom diagnosed 3B. taxil didn't work; now on gemczar; three administered, fourth blood levels too low.

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