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Sister's Progress

Guest Mary

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I posted information about my sister under a guest sign on. Finally figured out how to join :wink: I took my sister to her first chemo appointment on Thursday. She has been doing the radiation since Monday. When I got to her house she was already sick to her stomach. She was in a lot of pain(her shoulder) and understandably nervious.

The nurses and fellow patients at the chemo infusion were great. They explained everything and what to expect. She also met others who have lung cancer. Including a very spry 79 year old who informed us that she wants to be around for her great grandson's 5th birthday. (he's 3 now)

She did great. Infact, by the time we got home she was hungry and we ate dinner together. I called her today and she was very upbeat. She said she feeling good.

Is anyone familiar with Taxol and Carboplatnum(Sp)? Is it tolerated well for the long haul?

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Mary, a note of caution for your sister in taking radiation and chemo together or close on -- be careful of dehydration. That means drinking a lot of liquids every day. Both treatments tend to dehydrate but together it is hard to keep up. My wife learned this the hard way after being in the hospital for dehydration a few times. Best of luck. Don

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Hi Mary I tolerated taxol and carbo well, in fact after two doses of chemo, it reduced the tumor size enough that the docs decided to operate after all, had a few side effects for the 1st 4 or five day after every treatment and a little numbnesss in my toes bnut overall better then the alternative.

Best wishes for your sister and you. David A

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Mary that is the exact treatment my dad is on. how many times does she go to radiation and what is her chemo schedule? My dad Radiation 5 x a week, and chemo once every 3? i hope everything goes smoothly for her. this is a tough time for all involved! My best advice that i have learned so far is keep positive. also sandys named a great book that i got for my mom to read. I forget the name i know the title starts with hope. My mom brings it to every appointment and read it while he is getting his treatments. I will post the name once i get it. Truly is a great little book to get maybe for her.

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