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Two Questions


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First, one of the lesions in my husband's hip is 6 cm. with a "necrotic center". The only thing I can find on the internet about necrotic centers relates to the grading of brain cancer tumors, and a necrotic center is not a good thing. Does anyone know what this means for an iliac bone lesion?

Second, he has a lesion in the "right chest wall". Would that be considered the same as being in the lung?

These questions are on Ask the Experts, too, but I doubt I'll get an answer until next week.

Thank you!!!

Love to all,


P.S. FYI: Our son got out of the hospital last night. An expected 2-3 week recovery time at home. He's doing pretty good, but has a way to go.

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I hope that the answers are positive....We are offering prayers that the tx for the lesions gets them and that Don feels better and better.

Wonderful to have your son out of the hospital. Lots of hugs and prayers and positive thoughts.


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Great news about your son, Peggy. Hope you get things straightened out with hubby soon. Prayers are always with you and your family.

Heartfelt wishes along with those prayers already mentioned for only good news soon.


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Peggy, Iam so estastic that your son is home with you. I pray for a quick recovery for him and he could start to feel like himself again.

Sending prayers for your husband and always to you for strength.


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