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I am so happy to be posting in this forum. I had my follow up visit with my surgeon today, and he was very pleased with my progress. He is not recommending any chemo, he doesn't feel the risk is worth the benefit. All my pathology reports were good, and my chest x-ray was clean. So, I don't have to go back for 3 months! :P

On another note... he said that I have to wait 6 months to see if my voice gets better. If the vocal cord nerve is irritated, it will heal within 6 months. If it doesn't heal, then it was probably severed during my bronoscopy (different surgeon). So I will try to be patient for 6 months. He told me the best therapy is to yell. It will make my right vocal cord stronger. My kids were happy to hear that I am SUPPOSED to be yelling now. :wink: Here I was trying not to yell, because I thought it was straining my vocal cords.

Thank you all for your support in the past several weeks. This site has provided me with so much hope and comfort. I hope I can do the same for others.

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Hi Jan & Bill,

You two are like twins. Same day surgery, both dx.

1a... no chemo. :lol:

I am so glad that you both are doing so well.

I pray all continues that way for both of you.

Jan, I hope you voice clears up real soon.

Iam glad Im not your kids. Would definetly listen to my portable CD player with the earphones. That way you can yell all you want. :)

take care :wink:


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I am not having any pain, just some tenderness and soreness. But remember, I had the VATS, which is much less invasive than what you had. I haven't needed the pain pills since three days after I got home from the hospital. I have heard that it sometimes takes a couple of months for the pain to get better. Hang in there....

BTW, did your oncologist ever get back to you about that convention he went to??

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Thanks you. I am trying to not take the pain pills anymore but every once in a while I get some sharp pains in my right side where the surgery was done but they only last a few seconds. I still can't sleep on my right side which I am used to. Others have said it somethimes takes longer that others for the pain to subside so I guess I'll just have to bear it and hope for the best. I can't go back to work until July 5th so hopefully I will be ok by then!!

Yes, the onc went to the convention in Florida and he told me that one of the top Onc's in the country spoke on chemo and did say that stage 1a chemo has still not be proven to be of any help. It actually could be more of a problem with the side effects rather than help. So I have it from my Onc, surgeon and pulmonologist (and the speaker in Florida)that it is not necessary and would not be beneficial. Good to hear for us 1a staged patients.....

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