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where to go next?


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we met with a whole team of doctors yesterday. the onc said the lung was no better and tarceva (the 3rd treatment) he has been on is not working. she said to meet with the clinical trial team and see what they can offer. they told us there is nothing bc dad has mets to the brain. we must now decide if we start iressa but our understanding is that it is a sister drug to tarceva and some what less successful. we are also considering going ot the states but bc he has mets to the brain it seems he is not a candidate for very many clinical trials. do any of you have stage iv with mets to brain?? what r u taking???? on a better note we saw his radiation doc who was very pleased with the radiation to his brain. although the lesions arent gone they are much smaller.

he is also having radiation on part of his spine that is causing him pain.

a question: how can i post a little bio at the end of my postings to doccument treatments etc???

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I am so sorry... I don't have answers. I wonder if he suggested Iressa because it is thought to cross the blood brain barrier?

I would suggest getting many additional opinions quickly. I don't know if the Iressa can hurt in the interim. Many people have felt it has been successful with brain lesions and there are studies that show that to be so.

I wish you the best

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