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The PET scan results stink


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Very late posting. I am so proud of you for your attitude--hope. I am very saddened for you both. Alimta has done remarkeable things for several people on here. I will be praying for great results for your husband. Take care. Praying daily for you, your husband and your son.

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gol darnit, Peg.

wish you two had better news this time. Glad that the shock is overwith and now you can have time to settle into a plan. The fact that hub is doing yardwork and active just means so much. It gives me wonder how he has managed so well all this time. His quality of life surpasses so many of us. That is admirable in itself.

You two are doing what needs to be done. I am always glad to hear of the updates from you no matter what. You hang in there and keep us appraised of the plan, won't you?

love, Cindi o'h

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Dear Peggy,

I am not sure what to say, but I am saddened that the results werent better. I am praying the other results you get are better. I also wanted to say how happy I am that your Son is out of the hospital. You have your hands full taking care of two men that are ill but I cant think of a better person for the job. Keep that chin up Peggy and get out and do some fun things with hubby as he gets feeling better. You both need it very much!! I just have to say I am at a loss for words and that happens to me when I dont know how to console someone that I love and care for. I wish there was a magic pill for everyone that is ill but there just isent and we all have to play the hand we are dealt. God is all around you and will guide you in what is the best way to handle all this. I pray all the time for your family and God hears all our prayers but remember he has his on plan and all will be alright if we put it in Gods loving hands.

I love you Peggy and God Bless you and your wonderful family,


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Sorry to see that you are going through a tough period especially since you had such high hopes before for a great summer of activity. I haven't weighed in with an opinion yet so as not to cloud the issue. Right after my original diagnosis over a year ago, I went straight to the Roswell Park Cancer Institute armed with full body cat scan, brain mri, several lung xrays and a Pet Scan. I met with a Surgeon, Med Onc and Rad ONC. Not one of them looked at the Pet Scan until they studied each of the others. The Med ONC, my current Doc, reviewed it breifly after and commented that they would have never ordered it and that it did not add one thing to the diagnosis. They said that they give so many false positives and false negatives that they tend to mislead especially the patient. I have seen many references in the Ask The Experts forum saying the same thing. Bottom line, I think you will get the real story from the Cat and the other test results and that they will tell a different story, certainly not as bleak as the one you got. I must admit that a lot of my opinion is based on hope and faith that God is looking after your hubby, but Pets don't have a good rep and some of us put too much faith in them and cling to every negative vibe.

Soooooooooooooo, enough of my rambling about positive thinking after a night of double dexamethasone steroids in my battle with the last of the Alimta reloads. Hope and pray to G0d that you have a great week of news. I'm bettin on it. Hang tough and get that Bike warmed up.

God Bless


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Hi Peggy,

Just want you to know that I think of your hubby and you often and pray for him.

Those results were so discouraging but one day at a time. Hang in there and keep that great additude up.


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Peggy,sorry about all this.His being able to stay busy helps alot.I keep making myself do things and have found I am able to do pretty well 2 or 3 days then all of a sudden a bad day pops up.I too overdo it.Then you have to kinda make yourself get back at it again for 2 or 3 days til bad day pops up again.Sort of like a cycle.

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Dearest Peggy,

I am so sorry to hear of this progression. I hope that they are able to zap it as aptly as they have the rest! Please don't keep any news from us, we will continue to be inspired by the strength and spirit of both of you whether the Pet scan shows progression or if each and every lesion disappears with the next treatment. The inpsiration you bring is due to more than results of tests. I think you know that.



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