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A Lovely Lady Lost Her Battle


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Some of you may recall my posts about meeting the lovely little lady, Virginia, that had lung cancer. On my first meeting with her, I told her my husband had lung cancer. She looked up at me with the most beautiful eyes and asked..."Did he make it?" I had to answer honestly that he did not and I was very worried about what this would do to her spirits. I was notified yesterday, that after a five month battle with SCLC, she passed to heaven to join a host of other angels that have had a presence on this board. Please say a little prayer for Virginia and also remember her sweet little dog, Winston, who will be lost without his mommy.

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I remember your post about Virginia and that you got a lot of responses. I am sorry to hear that she is gone. It gives me chills to realize how God put you two together and gave you the opportunity to touch this woman's life, and vice versa.

God bless you, Ann, and I'm sorry you lost your new friend!



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Thanks for all of the kind words. For those of you that don't remember my original post, I would like to share this story. I'm a Notary and was asked, by my boss, to go to this lady's house and notarize a Notice of Commencement for work we were going to be doing. On our first visit, I discovered that she had just been diagnosed with SCLC. This was one of the few people I have met with this type of cancer since Dennis's death. When she told me about her cancer, I immediateky told her that my husband had SCLC. Her almost immediate question caught me completely off guard..."Did he survive?" I gave her the honest answer and was so torn wondering if I did the right thing. I even came to this board for advice. I just kept thinking that I would probably never see this beautiful little lady again and wondered if I should have told a "little white lie." I thought this might have given her soem hope. Well, it just so happened that I made several more visits with Virginia during the next few months and realized I had done the right thing. She now had someone to talk to that had been through all the trials and tribulations she was experiencing. Her companion through her illness was her little white dog named Winston. He was a true joy to her. She was so concerned that he suddenly stopped sleeping at the foot of her bed right after she ws diagnosed. He still was her faithful little friend but would no longer sleep with her. It makes us wonder how much insight our pets really have? Was he preparing himself in advance....much like many of us have attempted to do upon learning about the diagnosos of our loved one? She spoke to me so many times about her concerns for Winston and what would happen to him should she not make it. Now, I wonder if those talks were her way of asking me to care for Winston? I'm going to give her son another call today and at least check on Winston.

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