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Update on Mom

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Mom had her last of four treatments yesterday. (they've been once a month, six hours) It was the worst by far. She gets the restless legs thing real bad and yesterday they gave her the ativan before it started bothering her and it seemed to have an adverse affect. She was very edgy and getting irritated with us cause we wouldn't/couldn't let her walk by herself. She wasn't stable at all, her knees would give out, but she couldn't sit still either! Poor thing, it was so hard to watch.

So, if it's like the last three treatments, the next week and a half or so will be pain filled, and very tiring. But she's so positive and such an inspiration!

She'll have scans in about four weeks. Will post an update then.


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What a beautiful mom and daughter in the Avatar. Could be my mom and me - about 20 years ago. Unfortunately I know this disease from the side of mother as well as daugher. Here's hoping that there won't be as much pain this next week an a half! Hoping also that all treatments work well.

Many prayers for 2 very cute ladies that there are many more Easters to share pictures.


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Hi Christy,

I just feel weak when I hear that people are having so much pain from treatments and from the cancer itself. I wish there was some other way to kill this stuff that isn't as toxic as chemo. I will pray for your mom, Christy, and for you, too.



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