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Any Plavix info / re: friend's heart attack


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A friend recently had a heart attack and was put on Plavix - she is worried about some stuff she saw on the internet and asked me to find out what I could. I see some here have had it for blood clots, anyone had any especially good or bad experiences with it? Anyone here know anything about it? Thanks, Margaret

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Hi Margaret, I've been on Plavix since I took a heart attack last Sep04. Was also on it for a very long time in Jun02 when I had a stent put in, I'm sorry can't remember why was stopped back then. Have had no bad experiences with it. Used to help prevent platelets sticking together and forming clots, which is why I was put on it in my case to avoid another heart attack. Also below is a link with good info. Hope this helps. Rich

http://www.plavix.com/plavix/home/index ... Cookie=Yes

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Hi, Margaret. I take Plavix daily. I had quadruple bypass heart surgery 7 1/2 years ago, but was not put on Plavix until recent years. I began having easy bleeding from scratches and cuts, like you would expect with a blood thinner. The cardio took me off the Plavix and put me on baby aspirin.

Well, two things happened to change that. First, I began having urinary bleeding, which was attributed to prostate radiation (I had it twice for cancer). Aspirin aggrevated the healing, so I had to go off the aspirin. Then, I had a stent put in the first of April, and was put back on Plavix. I have not had any problem with it this time. Go figure.

Good luck. Don

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Hi Margaret.

Me too, Plavix. Cardiologists want me on it post heart attack, but mostly to prevent the stent I had placed from re-stenosing. Like Rich said, to keep the platelets from sticking and forming a cluster around the stent.

The risks are increased bleeding. For surgeries, for example, there should be no plavix for 3 days prior. I do take plavix and adult aspirin.

As far as I know, I have no problems or side effects from it.

Cindi o'h

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