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Just wanted to finally post and say thanks to everyone for all of the information and support you have provided through this board. What an amazing group of people you all are!

My very close friend Pam was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC in June, 2004. As you can see from her profile below, we have been really blessed with her response to treatment and in general with the way she has felt physically since her diagnoses.

Pam decided to keep a daily online journal of her "journey with lung cancer" to inform her many friends and family on how she is doing. We had a friend who was diagnosed shortly before Pam do this and her journal was a great help and inspiration to us as we could see how someone else with the same afflication was prgoressing with and enjoying her life. Pam's website address is www.pamsmithhome.com

The initial diagnoses is scary and definitely throws you for a loop, but the people we have encountered through her journey, from her absolutely wonderful oncologist and his great staff to other cancer patients and friends such as the people on this board have been a real blessing in our lives.

I'm not sure if you realize it but the courage, compassion, love and remarkable outlook on life that is displayed on this board really makes a difference!

Just wanted to post and say thanks!

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Just wanted to say welcome to you. You sound like a very good friend and it's important to have friends like you when you're dealing with this da** disease. Will go right to Pam's website to have a look at it. Do keep us posted about Pam and perhaps she'll drop in at some point to say a "hello" to us.

Gail p-m

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Hi, just want to say welcome and a big thank you for the compliment. That is what we do here, give support and knowledge when needed.

Pams site is very uplifting and that is good therapy to have a journal to write down what she is going through and to let all those feelings out. Now her family and friends can share these updates with her.

Take care


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I'm new too and just wanted to say hello. Today seems to be the day that friends are signing up! If I've done it right then please see the end of my post for the information on my grandmother. If not then I've said about her in my reply to Kim's friend's post.

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