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Prayers are needed ...

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Hospice was called in yesterday. Began today with Mom having the kids all come over to pay final respects and say our goodbyes as we are seeing this as the last few days we will probably have here with him.

I'm so mentally drained, I just could not bear to see my father in so much pain even with all the pain medicine being increased. My anger has left now. I now believe that it would be better for our Lord to take my father home to Heaven where there would be no more pain, no more suffering, and no more worrying for him.

I don't believe that he will make it through the next few days...please keep us in your prayers. I also believe that there are angels staying with him night and day and that is giving me great comfort. Thank you to everyone here who has been so loving and considerate. I will post again later but I just don't have it in me right now to say anything more.

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Many prayers for you and your whole family being said here. Wishing for you some comfort, peace, strength, and courage to see you through these difficult days.

Also praying those "angels" are taking real good care of you daddy!



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I'm so sorry. I can't imagine going through what you're going through. God will give you strength though, He always does, He gives such comfort and peace when we need it most. I'm praying for your family. God is good.

((hugs)) and many prayers


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So sorry Mary for the news about your dad.

I pray for peace for him to come quickly. He will be in a much better place. Pain free and free of that sick diseased body.

You have a long haul ahead of you in the coming days. I pray for stength for you. I hope they could get his pain managed to where he is more comfortable.

Thinking of you,


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I'm so sorry for the pain all of you are in.

Although I wanted my husband Jim to stay on this earth forever, when he became uncomfortable, I knew he would be ready to move on. I saw peace on my husband's face the last few days and I hope that you find that with your Father. I know you will still want your Dad here every day too, but try to sneak in a happy thought that he is going to be feeling so much better. Try my trick of thinking this with a smile and you actually get a moment of peace inside yourself.

Take care of yourself too,


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