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Okay Cindi, welcome back !!


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Hi Cindi,

Welcome back, noticed that you are posting. :lol:

Tell us how your move went. :roll:

Is your bar now up and running?? We certainly could have used it with some good news and not so good news lately. :D:(

Tell us your Good News..we could use some here.

Really, it is great to see you post again. Hope you are doing well. :lol:


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It would appear that Miss Cin is busy rearranging the shelves of liquor in the Pub.....ya think? :wink:

We shall give her the time to get herself and the Pub organized....and then she better throw open the doors and stand back, because there will be an invasion, I suspect. Mad rush to the beer nuts (no slam intended on Frank. He's The Beer Nut...so my reference was to the generic nuts! 8) )

Anyway, Cin...hope you're all resettled or getting there...and we await some Relocation Tales when you have a moment....but please, DO get the Pub set up first. We're all parched here! :?

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Yo Addietude.... You are soooo funny, I am glad you verified what kind of "nuts" you were talking about... :wink:

I really need Cindi's bar open... :D

Common Cynd, first drinks are on you. Don't mean that literally... :shock:

First we will toast you with your margerita... then Franks Bud light, etc...

I really can use Tinys orgasma..

Bottoms Up... oops don't mean that literally either.

Maybe I don't need a drink... :roll: whatever...


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Thanks girlfriends, for your words.

yes, I am home. I will post about that here. Then I have some other news that I will need some feedback on and I suppose that deserves to be posted separately.

Officially, BAR IS OPEN!! please catch me up on what has been going on since I have been gone! I missed you all very much. NO lie. I will have lots and lots of reading and listening to do when I get some spare minutes.And I will have that perfect margarita that I so love. And y'all can have anything you want as well. Alcoholic or non...got it all. Shirley Temples to go.

I did get out of my house. Oh my God. I had a huge!! house. Just ask Wendy. Well now. I still have boxes and boxes left in the garage, but I will manage to get them here somehow. The moving truck came and fit everything that they could in their huge truck and left the rest. So here I am in this apartment in this new town with boxes and furniture piled all over. But, I don't really care. It will all get put away somewhere eventually. I just have to find places for everything. One good friend took much of my belongings and married them into her annual garage sale. I took some of that money she made for me and gave a mutual friend a donation to a silent cause. (last winter, I had no grocery $$; she found out and gave me a big gift card.) So I am wanting to give back to her secret cause so that she will actively find someone else in the poor shape I was in to help them out. She is an angel and has a great nose and eloquence about her that makes everything just tearfully perfect.

Anyway. Here I am. I have been sleeping and sleeping so much. I was really tired out from the move. TimmyTom cried much of the way. But, the old boy is deaf now so the road noise didn't bother him. Just the car movement and his inner guidance thing, I suppose was out of whack. I have two bathrooms. One has a shower only so that is where his litter box goes. He has never been a scardy cat, but, the old boy spent some time under the bed for a day or so.

He gets all wild eyed when he looks out the window. He just doesn't get it. He does like the old smells of the furniture and found his favorite places to sprawl out on top of the back of stuffed chairs and couches. He does like that this is a brand new apartment and does not have to wrestle with the ghostly odors of any other by-gone cats.

Well. So. Gratefully, like you cannot believe, I am here. And I am home. I have spent some hours trying to explore this town. It is set up on the Mississippi river, so that puts a kitty whompus into N,S,E,&W.. Just a few bridges and too many colleges!

Lots of good shopping looks like and coffee shops. Don't worry, have not betrayed the bar by honky tonkin around yet. I am loyal to y'all.

I think that this place will work out nicely for me. The only problem is that I had a huge kitchen with cupboards from floor to ceiling in my house. Where this kitchen has a few tiny cupboards and four drawers! What am I going to do??? I think make the entry closet into a pantry?? And storage of all the blenders and grinders and geo foreman grills there too?

Me and Ginny are in. And Hailey...you in yet? Who else is moving??

Again. And I mean this with the utmost sincerity. Your prayers and support and the loving ear of Our Holy Father in Heaven is what has moved me to a beautiful place that is safe and warm and comfortable.

ps.. I traded my cardinals and chickadees for red-winged blackbirds and a froggy, ribbitty slough. I like it.

Thank you, all. (Now I will try to post my confounding news)

love, cindi o'h

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We are all here to give a hand or good

vibes, wishes and some prayers that all

the work of opening the Pub, won't play

against your health.

Sending all I can, not in boxes you have

enough already.

Gang, please join me in wishes for Cindi....



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I am about a month ahead of you on the move. This is not an apartment so I have a garage and a basement. My goal is to be able to get my car in the garage by the end of this weekend. I do not let myself go into the garage for any reason without coming back in with my arms full. Basement is for the long cold winter.

I too had a big house but had be throwing and giving and selling away for over 2 years, including lots of furniture. It still took 2 trucks and 5 guys from 7:30 til 5:00 and they weren't goofing off, they were working hard.

Like you, I made the right move. Time and circumstances sometimes dictate a change in plans. It doesn't take long to call it home since you are surrounded with your stuff. My biggest hope for you is that you know people in your new town, friends are a requirement. Many years ago, the children and I moved to a small town and I knew no one. I took a lawn chair and sat in the middle of the sidewalk and people either had to walk around me or talk to me. Made some wonderful friends.

I will be at the pub tonight. I would like to toast your new home with a Biccardi Rum and tonic with 2 lime wedges. By doubling up on my limes I have staved off rickets or scurvey, can't remember which one.

Be happy in your new home Cindi, I insist.

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Cindy, I am sorry to inform you that I cannot approve of the humble abode you describe as your new home. That kitchen is clearly not large enough for a properly stocked bar and all your kitchen gadgets and such. You will have to move AGAIN!! OK,OK just kidding. Sounds like you really like it there and I seriously hope you enjoy it. It sounds nice with the Missippi (sp?) river and with a lot of colleges there there will always be energy in the town. We presently have a few high school kids moving boxes, large furniture and misc. stuff to our storage place. We are working hard to get our house sold and move closer into town. My mom, dad and Karen have been working thier tusch's off decluttering the house.

Again congrats on the sucsessful move and god bless you.

By the way save me a Sam Adams.

David C

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You made it~!

Folks, I was lucky enough to visit Cindi personally before her move. I can verify that our dear Cindi moved from a "monster sized house". I cannot imagine how she didn't lose her self just getting up in the night to go to the bathroom.

Anyways Cin, glad to hear that you got into the new place. Tim will adjust soon, he may not be happy right away but he will adjust. He wants to just make you worry about him for a little while so you don't forget about him - ha, cats are funny.

Take your time with the unpacking and settling in. No hurry - remember BE GOOD TO YOURSELF 1ST!


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Thanks all.

And thanks, Wendy, for your good, kind help and booze boxes. So good to finally meet you in person!

I was in no shape for a move...(still ain't). That is why I know that this was one of the biggest miracles in my life. I don't know about all of you, but I have a VERY difficult time asking for help. It is one of my biggest challenges in life. So for me to ask, was huge! And to accept it even huger. I am independent to a fault. (Anyone else relate?) And what about those of you with a spouse who doesn't want to "burden" your partner? How do you get around that and still get your physical needs met? This is difficult for so many of us.

This was just about a move. What about those of us who won't call for help when we are too ill to take care of ourselves? I know that I am not alone in this.

In any event, Miracles Happen.

Cindi o'h

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