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Breast MRI tomorrow.......


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Of course I am nervous b/c I am a high strung person 8)

I think Congress needs to write a law requiring imaging centers to read results right away and talk to patient so we dont have to wait forever to get results from our dr. :lol:

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So, Andrea, what do you plan to do with the pictures? Frame them tastefully and call 'em "Art"? If you turn 'em at odd angles, no one will know they're BOOBS!

Good luck, may all your problems be in your head and all the bad thoughts drain while you sleep!


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(((((Andrea)))) I've had the bresat MRI's and thought I'd let you in on a couple of things - first make sure they are going to do it WITH contrast - the results are not as reliable otherwise AND remember a negative result is very very very conclusive....but...there is a very high rate of false positives, so please go into it with that in mind.

I'll be sending tons of warm wishes your way.


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Add my prayers to the list for good scans. Look at this as just one LAST thing to take care of before your whole family moves on!

I agree about the reading of scans. Wonder if being a big pain in the butt would do any good? You are way toooooooo nice to do that though.

We're waiting...all of us breathing with you for this last scan!

Heartfelt prayers on their way.


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Thanks everyone! I asked the tech if anything lit up, the breast MRI's with contrast are similar to PETs in that the cancer lights up. She lied and said "I was not paying attention except to make sure yu didn't move". Of course she saw the pictures, but whatever. Just wait wait wait and wait some more!

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Andrea ,

Just want you to know that you are in my prayers, as well. Don't read anything into what the tech said. I remember after having my mammogram, I asked the tech what she saw. She was very sweet, but told me that even if she thought everything was fine she wouldn't want to say that because she doesn't have a trained eye and then when it is read later, they might see something. I can understand that, but it sure doesn't help our anxiety level any , does it? Just know that we are praying and waiting with you.

Love and Prayers,


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