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hello my name is jennie and I have been reading this forum for quite some time. My daughter, Sarah (Nadri) has posted in the past. My husband Barry was diagnosed with NON-small cell Lc in May 04. He had surgery but the surgeon found the cancer had spread to the pluera and some additional spread in the left lung where the main tumor was located. The surgeon removed the main tumor and cleaned up what he could.He also performed a plueradesis.[sp]

The first onc. we saw told him to go away and do what he wanted as this may be the last summer he would have and come back for chemo when he felt like it. The sugeon was not happy and refered us to another onc. Barry, who is a never smoker, had four round of gemzar and carboplatin with few side effects. The onc said that 90% of what was there on diagnosis was gone. Barry who seems quite sensitive to symptons did however feel some activity. He was then at our suggestion in December 04 given iressa. All symptons have now gone. Barry feels normal. Works part-time, does the garden, etc. etc.

I still find the whole thing surreal. I read the net a lot and worry as the infomation seems to be that the ireesa does not last??

I would appreciate any input or comment that anyone may have.

Thank you all for being here


P.S we live near London in the uk.

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Hi Jennie. I too am from England and I remember your daughter's post for that very reason. I'm here because of a friend with small cell so I don't know much about non small cell. Although my gran had non small cell it was a long time ago and I was pretty young.

I've decided to jump in with both feet - the worst that can happen is they can boot us off for being cheeky! Good luck to you,


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Welcome to you and your husband. I, too am diagnosed with NSCLC. Right now the prognosis is a year at best, but I feel good and am doing fairly normal things.

Physicians use statistical data for prognoses. Your husband (and I hope myself) are, or can be "exceptions to the rule". You will find many here who will give evidence of this. Glad he is feeling well.


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Hi Jennie,

First of all, I am so glad he found an Oncologist that helped him. He certainly was blessed there, as according to the other one he seem to have little hope. Of course that is not the case. There is always 2nd opinions and you seem to have found the right one.

Just keep doing what you are doing. Try not to read too much on the internet as that could make you confused and scared. We are here for you for all the support and first hand knowledge you may need.

We have an excellent topic here, LC in the News which gives up to date reports of what is happening with new advances and technologies as they are posted on the internet.

At this point just thank G-d he is doing fine. Just take one day at a time. Try to relax, and enjoy life. Make plans, go places. Live for today and look foward to tomorrow.

We are always here when need us.

Prayer going out to him for continued success.


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Just want to say thank you for your welcome.

We have our next appointment next month. We are going to ask if adding avastin to the medication might be a good idea as it stops cancer growth by a different process. May be that by attacking the disease on more than one front would work? It's not available in the uk but where there is a will...

Best wishes to all.


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