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Your exper. w/ Topotecan ?


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Jen....to borrow Don Woods' wisdom.....DON'T BORROW TROUBLE!! Quit looking for things to worry about, honey!

You know my experience with Topo has been good. It works and it has caused me only a bit of fatigue and dropping bloodcounts, which need monitoring. Otherwise...even some of the hair on my head is hanging on...altho my wee tufts of eyebrows have just about fallen out totally. :roll:

Believe the Topo will work for you....as it's worked for me. It IS an effective drug....and believing in its effectiveness (even before you take it) can't hurt and MIGHT help!

Bottom line? You have recurrent cancer and are taking steps to deal with it. You should feel better once you have some Topo in your system...so please, honey....don't go looking for more things to worry about. Take a deep breath, relax a little and as you put it...try to live inside MY head for awhile...ok? :wink:

Love you......

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Okay, sweetie....I just don't want you dreaming up any more stuff to worry about. I want you SMILING with positive conviction that tx is gonna work and make you feel better!

I know David C was on Topo...and his experience wasn't as positive as mine. But for David too, much of his reaction was probably due to the steroids, which he's never tolerated very well. I think he and Karen are sort of on a hall pass right now, with their plates full (trying to move, Karen's mother's health, etc.)

I wonder if you did a search for Topo here...what you might find. But I believe what my onc told me...."TOPOTECAN WORKS!!" So far....it has. Three cycles and I was about 50% reduced in the amount of cancer visible.

Believe in it, Jen! It's gonna work for you too.

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