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Made it to 38


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I made it to 38yrs old! Wondered if I would here a year ago when all this started! I'm still here.

Very depressed today, I should be in a good mood cause I'm still here BUT depressed because I can't do anything.

Everyone keeps telling me it's better to be here and not be able to do anything then to not be here. I feel like a burdeon to my family cause I can't do anything but talk.

Just feeling blue lately, need to pull myself out of this (I know it).

I made it to 38! Yeah!

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Happy Birthday, Beth.

Find a good book and a great rental movie.

Send someone out for them, you deserve it.

Spend the time you don't feel good distracting yourself. It is very effective for when you can't do anything.

I spend a LOT of time like that ....

saw a lot of good movies, read a lot of good books. Had a lot of steaks for lunch when nobody else was looking too....




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Happy Birthday. We are very glad you are here. You do more than just talk, you encourage and inspire many of us.

You have had a crappy year. Hopefully that darn gallbladder has caused a lot of this misery and that once it is removed you can begin to do things again.

Hang in there Beth and Happy Birthday again. Enjoy your day.

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Now lissen up Beth....we don't cotton to no moping on birthdays 'round heah! We're gonna head on down to the pub and celebrate up this fine occasion like it deserves! With cake, extra frosting, what the heck...some carrots and green beans for the veggie lovers...acres of Bud Lite and Margaritas and a case of whupp-a$$ for anyone NOT in a party mood. How's that sound?

Ya know...some birthdays do make us feel less than in a party mood...but all it takes is a few hundred good friends who know, and understand, to get you out of it - I hope! This is most definitely a celebration-worthy event. I just passed my one year mark...NOT from the end of tx...but from diagnosis. I celebrated that....so surely you can find a little "gimme some frosting" spirit in you to celebrate 38 years on this planet...with MORE TO COME!!

We love you, Justa. No matter what, you always find your humor. Check your pockets will ya? You'll have a lot more fun at YOUR party if your humor shows up to go with the lovely lampshade I've brought you to wear!

Happy Birthday Toots. I'm hoping you'll be around to celebrate a WHOLE BUNCH MORE of these events! 8)

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GOD WE LOVE THAT ADDIETUDE.....................








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I'm celebrating your birthday!!! I'm happy for you!!

You know the drill---think of the things you CAN do, not the things you CAN'T. I got a lot of inspiration seeing Dana Reeve give interviews about her life with Chrisstopher Reeve. Now there was a man who's physical life had changed.

We're all toasting you girl, so join us!


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Another HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish, Beth. It sounds like everything needed is already at Cindi's Pub... just waiting for you to arrive. Personally I thought there were going to be green frog hats, but Addie's lampshade will do just fine.

For SURE it is NOW the time for things to start turning around for you. You just need to hang in there a bit longer and get this gall bladder addressed. Yes Sir, gall bladder... that was my attempt at a joke.

Really, Beth, times will be achangin'. I predict next year's party YOU will be the one setting up the bar! Happy happy birthday. I am positive your family could not be happier than to be celebrating - no matter how low key it is - your very special day. You are so very special to them. You are very special to all of us too.

Hugs and hig-fives to you!


(Do people still do high-fives or am I totally out of it?)

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Hi Beth and Happy Birthday,

I can really relate to you with the depression and feeling down. With me it comes and goes. Most of the time I feel pretty good and then all of a sudden I get zapped with one of those depressing days. I guess most of us do with the situations we are in. I should be feeling really good after a successful surgery and no sign of cancer left in me right now but I agonize for the people on this site and elsewhere suffering from this horrible disease that are not as fortunate as me. That's what really depresses me.

I'm not a big pill freak but one that really helps and snaps me out of the depression and anxiety is xanex. I don't take them often but they do work for me. They really relax me, make me sleep well, and when I wake up I feel pretty good. Just a suggestion. May not work for you but it's worth a try.

God bless you and many many more birthdays.

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Happy Birthday, Beth...38 years young! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

This is the first celebration at Cindi's Pub. :D

You hear that... Cindi, Open that Pub, Beth deserves a big party!!!

Again, Beth here is to another 38 at least!! :wink:



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Happy Birthday, you good looking 38 year old Birthday Girl!!! I think it's time you try to get out of those dumps you've been hanging in lately and go have some of that CAKE Cindi baked for you, or maybe she'll open the bar and you can tie one on?! :P:wink:

Hope each day looks a little brighter for you.

Happy Birthday!

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Dear, dear Beth,

Happy Birthday!!!! I am sorry you are feeling so down and badly. Next year will be the year for celebrations that you may not feel like having today. We are all celebrating for you and that party will be ready any time you are. Take care friend.


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All the salads are gone and the lampshades are crushed and ripped...not to mention Kasey lyin' on the floor there in the corner!! Who made this mess???

One piece of cake left... where's CharlieD?

Hope you had a great time tonight, Beth. You deserve all the happiness that life has to offer!

We all love you!

Cindi o'h

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