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No news yet today..


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I am so scared..I cannot concentrate on any thing but the phone ringing..If this tumor isn't cancer, what else can it be?

Do they usually find a tumor on the lung that is not cancer? Why would it get larger if it wasn't cancer..Can any one think of anything else it could be? Has this happened to any one else before?

Please pray for my brother..

God Bless this group..I feel so much better when people know what I am going through.. :cry:

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Waiting for answers can really be the pits that's for sure. However, TRY not to worry too much ahead of time. Once the dr's. get the info all together, they will come up with a game plan for your brother. You'll need your strength then. So save it up for now. In the event it is cancer, there are many of us who will be here for you. Good luck to your brother and please let us know how everything goes.


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Hi Donna,

The waiting is the worst part. It is absolutly agonizing. I went through it for two weeks.

Right now you just need to hope and pray for the best.

Your in my prayers.

By the way, we are almost neighbors. I live in Clarks Summit.

Keep us posted. You will not believe the help and support you will receive on this site. It is overwhelming. So many people here helped me get through the most difficult time in my life. I actually had one member and her husband come and visit me in the hospital after surgery in Philadelphia.. Didn't know them only from this site. You can't ask for much better support than that.

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