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May 2005 test results


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Hi Everyone,

Well, we did the battery of tests last Thursday and Friday. Thursday Bill had a chest CT and bone scan and then on Friday he had his brain MRI. We got the results of the brain MRI immediately and it was very good news. The two remaining "spots" on his brain continue to shrink and the neurologist was very pleased. We were relieved to say the least as his tremors and stability on his feet have worsened a great deal lately. The neurologist seems to think it is one of the many anticipated side effects from the WBR. Anyway, we heard the words shrinkage and we took off afterwards for a celebration and spent the weekend in Amish Country (Holmes County, Ohio) and it was absolutely beautiful.

Today we met with the oncologist to get the results of the chest CT and bone scan and they weren't as good. The bone scans find that the "activity" in the 6th (and now 7th) rib have significantly increased. The chest CT states suspicious metastatic disease in his left lung. His pain contintues to intrude on our happy times and he is having more difficulty managing it but you would never know it to see him. He's incredible. We continue to fight this disease, but are not allowing it to take up any more time in our life than we have to.

Our one year celebration pool party is Sunday...here in Cincinnati...all are welcome! I understand, from my husband, this is going to be the Mother of all pool parties!

Love and prayers to all,

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We will be there................look for us.........you will know us by our smiles for you.

We understand everything you write, we live it.

We care and we are so glad for your party to look forward to....

Thank you for your example and your spirit.

Love Brat

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Here is to two incredible people!!!!! What courage, strength, and atttitude (addietude) you both have.

I am praying for marked improvement on those nasty results so you guys can get on with the party of life. You seem to have found the secret of life's enjoyment already. Wishing, hoping, praying for MANY more years for you both to enjoy each other and life.

Holding you both in my thoughts and prayers. AND looking forward to that party! I will be the one in the "sensible" bathing suit with a SKIRT!!!!!



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CHUNKY DUNKIN' AT BETH'S HOUSE! (ain't no way I could go skinny dippin' in MY shape - and yes, round IS a shape!)

Sorry the results weren't rosier, but glad your outlook is. Into every life a little rain must fall - I prefer to dance in it like the little wood nymphs and wee faeries and soak up the liquid sunshine.

One day at a time, just one day at a time.



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Dear Beth,

Kind of mixed news, huh? I'm sure glad to hear those brain mets are shrinking. To me, that is WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Did the onc give you a plan for the new things that showed up on the CT? New chemo? Radiation?

If you invite me to your pool party, no bathing suit for me. Can I swim in my jeans? :)

Hang in there, Beth. It sound like you're coping pretty well with things. If not, you know I'm always here.

Love and hugs,


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Hi SBeth and Bill,

For sure, I will be at your pool party. I have got this new string bikini I want to show off. No shame. Why bother? Just have to remember to paint my toenails a very hot pink to match.

You two are doing a bang up job at this lung cancer fight. You are a remarkable couple with a great plan for living.

Thank you so much for being here.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Beth and Bill,

First off, I wish I could come to your AWESOME POOL PARTY. Have a cocktail on me would you??? :wink:

I'm sure it will be a party to go in the memory books. :D

I'm sorry to hear the not so good news though. But,who isn't??? ((((((BETH & BILL))))))

I'm sending prayers and lots of support your way.


Love & Hugs,


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