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Diagnosis..Small cell


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Hi. This is a desperate shock I know. Do you know if he's been diagnosed with limited or extensive stage? As I understand it small cell is generally more aggressive than non small cell BUT it responds extremely well to chemotherapy. My friend (the reason I'm here) has limited stage and she has been "clear" since October 2004. There are others here who are living with SCLC and know a lot more than I do - Daggiesmom, Addie and CindyRN spring to mind. Post this is the SCLC section as well. I'm sure you'll get lots of responses soon.

I am so sorry but given what I've seen this is the right place to be.


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I appreciate this so much..All the support is just amazing..the survival stories are a God send..It is so comforting to know there are so many special people that are concerned about me and my concerns..I never relized this before..my dad died when he was 60 of Emphysema, I became a Paramedic so I could help others..Ever since that day, I have donated to the American Lung Association :wink:

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Welcome, Donna. You might want to look under "My Story" category for specific stories on LC. then maybe you will have specific questions as you go along. Also, it would help for you to put a bio on your brother at the end of your postings, so we know what basis to answer questions from. Best to you and brother. Don

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