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Brian's Oncology visit report


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Please continue to lift us up in prayer.

Brian could not get his 5th round of Cisplatin/VP16 yesterday. Doctor wants him to have another week to build up a bit first. He will get the 5th and final cycle beginning next Tuesday. Doc says that he probably has experienced the benefit available at this time, but will give him one more cycle to wring any last bit of shrinkage available from the process.

Doctor said that he is beginning the paperwork w/ the insurance company to get Brian approved for Tarceva. He will start that med 4 weeks after finishing current protocol.

We really are grateful for all the time the doctor gave us.........he spent a lot of it explaining our situation more fully. The most lethal threat to Brian is the liver tumor. Upon diagnosis the cancer had taken over fully 1/3-1/2 of his liver. We thought the most severe threat was from the lung tumor since it is so near the heart and is growing around the aortic arch. Doctor explained that the concern with regard to the lung tumor is for pericardio effusion and that if/when that occurs he can 'take care of it', surgically.

We got a chance to bring up something that rather haunts us. Since Brian was so healthy at the time of the incidental findings that lead to his dx, we have often commented to each other............what would have happened if we just left things alone???

Onc explained that he was astonished that Brian was leading a normal active life w/ the extensive disease he had. He is convinced that the symptoms of the disease would have affected Brian very severely with in a matter of weeks. He said the hope we have, at all, for remission and extra time is due only to the blessing of the incidental finding.

Anyway, we felt like prisoners who got the last minute call from the governor. Instead of 8 hours of poisoning we went to lunch!!! He will feel good for the Memorial Day Weekend. We are thanking God for the positives and focusing on them.

And while we are in the thanking mode:


We need you and appreciate you.


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I'm thinking of you and Brian and keeping both of you in my prayers. It really is amazing how people can be so very ill and exhibit little to no symptoms with this monster of a disease!

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Brian and Pat,

Take the time to enjoy this long weekend together. I had 2 different chemo regimines that I could not finish due to low blood counts, my doc also said the maximum benefit is usually received in the first 4 treatments, so he was never worried that I couldn't make it to 6.

My prayers are with you both.


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My dear Brats...

Have been trying all day to find time to reply to this...but have been in and out all day so far.

You know you've got the best we've all got to offer in terms of wishes, vibes, prayers and good thoughts! And maybe...just maybe....Tarceva will be Bri's magic bullet.

He's already beaten some odds...hasn't he? And there are more to beat! People respond differently...and I don't have any firsthand knowledge of his type of l.c....but we all know some 'tude certainly helps....so keep your 'tude and believe!!

I wish the first line chemo had worked a bit better...but there are others of us out here with liver tumors who continue to do well. So keep the faith...and when things get to you...well, that's what we're here for! To help and support!

We need and appreciate you guys too! Hang in...and I'm so glad Brian will be feeling good for the weekend!

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Dear Pat and Brian,

I've heard that Cisplatin can be pretty darn tough to get through without a hitch along the way - strong stuff! I'm sorry to hear it's knocked him on his hiney, but glad to hear he's going to get a little break from it. I know they give tons of fluids with it, but I've read others say that they also take several bottles of water to drink while they're getting it, and that helps, too. Maybe he could try that.

Also, I can ditto part of your post:

Onc explained that he was astonished that Brian was leading a normal active life w/ the extensive disease he had.

My husband's onc has said the same thing. They are amazing guys aren't they?

Love, hugs and prayers for both of you!



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Finally had a little time to actually read the board..

Hope you guys are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend and glad that your doctor seems like a good one.

Thoughts are with you both..

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Hi Pat & Brian,

My prayers go out to you both. You are such nice people.

I hope you guys have a nice weekend together.

I know something will work for Brian. I don't know why things happen. There has to be reasons. Joel also was feeling great and when he went for his physical, he asked for a chest Xray, just because he was a smoker. No other reason, as he was feeling really good. And the only reason he had the physical was he hurt his back and went to his PCP... Since it was 3 years since his last physical, he decided it was past due. So if it wasn'tfor his back he would not have had the physical done.

He was devastated when he got that call saying that he had to have a CT as there was something on the XRay. His mass was big, like 7 cenimeters. So probably in a couple of months or less (who knows) he would start to get the LC signs. He was also very fortunate. So many other situations happened to him after that time when diagnoised that he was so lucky in so many ways.

So there has to be some reason that they found Brians also when he was feeling great. So hang in there I know something will work for him.

You guys have been so incredibly supportive to everyone on here. You have be an inspiration to this group and so many prayers are being sent to you. Keep up that great Addietude, and faith, I know I have said this so many times before, but it can and has moved mountains.


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