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Hello from Burlington,Vermont

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Hello Mr Lord - What shall we call you? I recommend you think of something otherwise (as you can see from my first post below) they'll pick something for you which you may or may not like :lol:

I am new here too and the people have been great. Loads of helpful pms and stuff. If you're after support and a few laughs then I think you're going to find them here. Are you able to share any more about yourself?


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welcome Burlington VT.

my father was born there but I am not sure how long he lived there before moving to NY. Lots of people here with lots of experiance. Me personally have only been a caregiver but seem to be some sort of professional at it now. 4 times as of today. Mom, Dad and Father in Law were lost to LC and sister is still fighting her breast cancer.

Many laughs and tears but always someone to share them with.

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We are a group of optimistic fools! I agree about choosing a name..doughnuts really got hammered when she showed up! We are awfully glad to have her, though.

This is a journey, that is for sure. It is much better to have travelling companions with which to share your joys and woes!

Cindi o'h

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It's a good thing you told us your name, Dart, because I was about to say "Hey there, Burl!" :wink:

I am very sorry to learn yet another very young person is dealing with this disease, but I am glad you found us.

I'm going to post some information for young cancer survivors under the General Forum.

You're in good company.

And I love the name. I very nearly named my eldest son Dartagnan.

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Hi Dart,

Welcome here... Wow you are too young for this nonsense.. way too young.. :( Are they absolutely sure it is LC? There was a young person on here who they thought had LC but tuned out to be TB..Can you imagine getting excited because you have TB.. but that is what happened.

I think you are the youngest one on here. We have to think of a pet name for our youngest member. Hmmm.... have to think of that one. Maybe like "Skywalker" or something. Got StarWars on my mind.. you are Dart, but we could never call you Darth Vader as he was evil. LC is actually Darth Vader...anyway, I don't know what I am talking about... just babbling here

Does anyone have any suggestions? :roll:

On a more serious note, we are always here. If you have questions, ask away. Keep us posted in what is going on with you and the results of your tests.

Just remember this... don't listen to statistics. That doesn't mean anything to us. So many here have beaten and continue to beat the odds. Happens all the time. LC is not a death sentence. If you have those thoughts, change it now!! You can beat this. You just have to believe and keep a positive Addietude. You will meet Addie, she has a great Additude and has a way of lifting you up along with the rest of our family here. :D

Darn, you are so young, like my sons age. Hang in there.


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