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Hi Current Alimta Users and Potential Ones,

Had reload #6 and probably last one yesterday at Roswell Park along with usual Zofran and Decdron Pre-meds. Quick and dirty as usual, half hour. Saw the Doc first and blood was good to go. She implied this would be the last one unless some unusual shrinkage occured. Cat scan in two weeks to evaluate. If Cat turns out stable which she expects, three months off. Had thorough exam and lungs sounded extremely clear. Discussed SOB which occurs occasionally, no specific time or reason but is usaully mild and relieved with Decadron (Dexamethasone). Also controls nausea and acid reflux which have bee non-existent last two tmts. Doc says use it as needed and don't worry about long time effects. She sys it, along with the fatigue, is caused by the relatively low counts of the blood and should diminish as the blood builds up. Fatigue has been increasing with each treatment but should start to wane ss Chemo leaves system and blood builds up. Have had absolutely no pain anywhere of which I am thankful for in view of what some others have gone through. Gained about 8 pounds in three weeks due to excessive appetite. Can't get enough chocolate-marshmellow ice cream. Chlosterol was 125 which encouraged me. Gotta knock that off. Energy level is good, new normal (Thanks to JimBen) and Bass Boat goes in the water tomorrow. Bourbon Manattan every day 5-6PM (Some days 430-7) Exercise daily, stretcing muscles and walk as far as possible. Moderate work in the garden planting veggies until I run out of gas and then a Labatte Blue Light for re-constitution. Insonmia still an issue. She changed me from Ambien to Tezmazepim. Seemed to work a little better last night with about 4 hours sleep. Nap as much as possible during day which I guess keeps me going.

That is the quick and dirty. Hope it helps and even encourages someone. There is light at the end of this *^%#!*^$^ tunnel and I plan to see it. GIT ER DONE!!!! God Bless all of you and take care.


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Way to go Charlie!!!

Wonderful post. It will have me smiling most of the day :lol: !

Hurray for the bass boat. I am sure Cindi will be interested in that. I was thinking of joining you at cocktail hour. Think you might issue any invites? I bring along good gifts for the host, you know! I'm not usually a Manhattan type of drinker, but would be more than glad to partake with you.

I was glad to know there WAS a light at the end of this @#%&*! tunnel myself. We will get there together, what d'ya say? I know...Git er done!

Prayers and wishes that your good news and spirits continue.


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Hey CharlieD!

Great to see you..Been wondering where you were. You missed a couple a parties where we needed a slosh to brighten up the place. Glad to see you are enjoying your own parties daily. (the SBeth's have a pool party this weekend) hint hint....

You are an amazing man. You are inspiring; with all that you are "doing".. ! Wish I were with you to toss a line in the drink.

I am going up to see what the crappies are up to this weekend. I am going to try brother, Johnny's technique. (Did I tell you that his ashes are in his tacklebox and in the grave?) What a hoot!! He would have loved it, if he knew what we did.

Good luck with the bite this weekend! Git er done!

love, Cindi o'h

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It's always wonderful to read your updates. You seem to make the best of every situation and you report it in such a heart warming way. Know that Mike and I are keeping you in our prayers. Will be praying for wonderful scan results. After 6 of those treatments, it sounds like you could use the 3 month break. Here's hoping that Alimta is the one to Git Er Done!!!

Love and Prayers,

Mike and Sue

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Hi Charlie, I sure hope that ct scan will be fine and you can have the best 3 months of the NYS year off to rest and enjoy yourself. Frank on last week of chemo and radiation. Sure hope he can get summer off as ell. It sure is a tough fight. Carole

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As usual, you have given me a great "pick-me-up" with your positive post. Glad you are done with Alimta for a while, hoping the ct shows even more shrinkage.

Are the fish biting?????

It's those darn steroids that aren't letting you sleep and giving you those chocolate cravings. Hopefully you will be able to wean off them and feel more normal.

Enjoy your "happy hourS" :D


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Went fishing myself and some good friends this weekend.Got a pike of 6 kilo!

X-ray showed susp fluidincrease but thoracocentes 4 days later only 1 liter-thought to be more.New x-ray showed no fluid and already some shinkage of tumor.Pray this will conntinue!

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