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Hello Don..


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Mark had to leave, he has had a very bust day..he is so happy, and grateful for all the people and prayers on this site..He cannot thank you enough for all the support..He goes fo a bone scan tuesday..We are hoping that will be ok..If there was no cancer on the CT, do you think it will show up in the bone scan?

Another thing to worry about..Don, best of luck to you and your wife...Many prayers and thanks..

Donna :wink:

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Lucie went to both the rad onc and the med onc last week. Neither had any real explanation for why Lucie continues to have leg pain, except to say our thought that it is from cancer and radiation damage is possible. We will get chest and abdomen C/T;s next week as well as a leg x-ray and see the med onc again the following week. Other that that, we are doing okay. Thanks for your message. Don

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