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Feeling good

Cindy RN

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I wanted to let you all know I am doing fairly well. I had my chemo for the month and have gone thru my 'tired' period, I hope. I am starting to stay awake more than sleep at this point. :D:D I actually dusted my family room, swept and mopped the kitchen and do not feel like I should be asleep. 8)8) Now if I can get my girls to vacum, the house would look normal again. That is one thing that has bugged me more than anything after I got sick. I had been spoiled for years. After I graduated from nursing school I hired a lady (Betty) to clean house for me every Fri. WOW. I did one thing for ME!! It was great. She worked for us for 12 yrs til she retired. Then I found out about the cancer and was not able to work. I lost my one luxury, Betty!! My girls clean BUT never the way I would do it. NOW I can't do it very often and then only one room at a time. Here I have rambled on and on. It is funny what once seemed so important I have learned to overlook. I still would love to have the house cleaned, all of it at one time. :D

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Hi Cindy,

So glad to hear you're doing well. I can certainly relate to the house cleaning. My son is no help at all in that dept and it's really gotten bad. I also spend more time having to sit here and look at it which makes it worse. I'd love to have someone come in, but I feel like I'd have to clean first. Hope things continue to get better for you.


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