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Thanks for the cheers

Guest Jeanbell

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Guest Jeanbell

Oh Yes Thanks so much for cheering me up. and you all seem so much younger than me.What a terrible thing to be hit with when you are so young. I am a young 72. I had a lumpectomy on the left breat in Feb and when doing the bone scan and liver scan and so on the doc found a lump in the lung, did a bronchoscopy then the surgery 3 weeks ago, no they tell me the two are not related, the lung tumor had been there for a while it was 5 cm when they removed it. I am to start chemo and radiation soon for the lung as this is the primary. They will do treatment for the breast later or one Dr made a sugestion to have a mastectomy and then no treatment. That's pretty radical and will take a lot of thinking about.

I am so glad I found you folks here, I am really nervous about the chemo but I am strong, and have a wonderful supportive family.


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Welcome to the group,

sorry you had to join.

The doctors are right, treat the

lc first, for your breast when you

had the lumpectomy were the margins

clear? and did they check the lymph


I have breast cancer since 1999 and

could answer some questions on that.

Keep us posted and best of luck for the



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Welcome. When we went to the cancer center here for chemo there were lots of older people there that seemed to be handling chemo well. Drink lots of water, it will help. Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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Dear Jeanbell,

WOW!! As if One cancer isn't enough??? :shock:


As for chemo, do your very best to keep a positive attitude. It REALLY HELP! Many MANY people don't get sick from chemo. They have some good anti-nausea meds these days that can lighten the load. :wink:

I'm glad you found us also. Hope you'll stay with us.

We're pretty good at walking the walk with one another.

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Great Additude Jean, you will get through this.

We are always here to share your feelings. We will support you and send prayers.

Take one day at a time. You will be fine. :wink:


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Hi Jeanbell,

Glad that you have a plan for the lung cancer. It sounds like a good one. Are you staged yet? I am a lllb and I had radiation and chemo. It does make you feel sick and weak, so I hope that you have help around the house and have your nourishment set up ahead of time. I would get some ensure or something along those lines for the times that you don't feel like fussing in the kitchen.

Are you close to or in Winnepeg? We are neighbors..I am to the south of you. I blame all of our cold weather on YOU!! I am sure it is all your fault! :wink:

Stay strong and I truly am glad that you found us. There are quite a few other Cannuks on the board... all of whom can be blamed for our nasty weather! :wink:

Cindi o'h

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Dear Jeanbell,

You brought a smile to my face with your "...young 72..." description. One of my closest friends recently celebrated her 76th birthday, and I have to work to keep up with her.

Will be keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for you on both the Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer treatments.

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