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BETPLACE- recent photo


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Betty- this past Christmas

To All of Betty's Friends and Relatives.

Our sweet Betty passed away this morning at 4:35, It was a peaceful passing after quite a few weeks of care at the Hospice center in Hudson, Florida.

Irene and Polly were right with her and held her hands.

We are having a memorial service to celebrate her life on Wednesday at 10 am.

The service will be for

Elizabeth Carol Loy - Betty

Born November 6, 1952

Died May 29, 2005

and it will be held at

Dobies Funeral Home

6616 Congress Street

New Port Richey, FL 34653


Her care in Hospice was most wonderful and Betty thought she would like memorials to go to Hospice of Hernando / Pasco

12107 Majestic Blvd

Hudson, FL 34668

or the

American Lung Association of Gulf Coast Florida

6160 Central Avenue

St. Petersburg, Florida 33707

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I am so saddened to here that Betty is gone, but happy that she finally has found the rest and peace that is found in heaven. I was reading in the local paper yesterday, and in the death announcements there were 11, ELEVEN people who had died from lung cancer. When will America and the world wake up and see how this beast is sneeking through the radar. So much is done for other cancers and not lung. When will they lift the blinders and really see what is going on!?

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What a great picuture. Thank you Katie for posting it.

Does she look like an angel or what? She always had her happy dance feet and her wings to pick you up when you are down. She did that here for all of us. She will soar again in that great kindom she now resides in. She will get her wings.

She was beautiful inside and out.

Goodbye.. our angel Betty. You will be sadly missed. But heaven has received such a beautiful gift.


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Awwww, Betty. What a face! Ya shoulda been in pictures ...

That wonderful face ties in with the happy dances and the encouragement and the wonderful attitude you displayed to us all.

Some years ago, I would have laughed in the face of anyone who may have told me you could form bonds of any kind with people on the internet. You, dear lady, were one of the first here that I latched onto for yuor sage advice and information.

God bless you. You're in a place where there is no cancer and no pain.


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Such a beautiful picture for us to remember our Betty by. Thank you so much for posting this, Katie. You know, there are people that take and then there are those people that give and our Betty was definitely a giver!! I'm sure that all our loved ones in heaven are enjoying her happy dances!!!!

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Oh, my, I just wilted when I saw that beautiful happy face, but I see that all the rest of you saw the same thing I did. Doesn't her face totally reflect her sweetness? Oh my! What a remarkable, sweet, wonderful lady! I'm going to miss her so much.

Love to all,


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