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I feel like I'm living a nightmare!


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Just another update on Darrell

The radiation oncologist says that 2cm mass in his medistinum area is not in the actual node, althought there is one node that is a little swollen, to him it looks like the same type of tumor they took out when they removed his right upper lobe of his lung, which is the adenocarcinoma nsclc poorly differentiated (non small cell lung cancer). They did do another cat scan today at the James Cancer Center.. The original one that someone else did on his chest didn't get a picture of this area of where the new tumor is growing... (So was it there all along???) Do Doctors even know what the hell their doing??

If so this means it metastasized to the chest area,which would make him now a stage 4, but I don't know nothing for sure, but he also thinks he might have lymphona too because of all of his other syptoms, so we still won't know the answer to that question, not till after monday... I will keep you all posted!! Pray for me to be stronger, I'm not being very strong at this point!! I"m scared to death...Its just not good!!!!!!!!

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