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Asking for Prayers etc....


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Hi all:

Hope this posting finds everyone well and on the way to NED.

My Mother, God bless her, is heading to Edmonton on the 7th of June for her 3 month check and I have been scared to the point of NO SLEEP. I'm also hoping that the oncologist is not difficult in giving her a CT. Up here in Canada, it seems they think that x-rays suffice and I want them to do a CT. The excuse they give is that we should not dig for problems.....GEESH, :shock::roll: , this is only my MOM! Don't want to find problems, but would like to head off any as well.

If I could be a bother to you all and ask for your continued prayers and thoughts for her, I would greatly appreciate!

Thanks to all and my continued prayers and thoughts are with you all,


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The excuse they give is that we should not dig for problems.....GEESH,Deb

WHAT??????? Oh my goodness. They need a different excuse, like cost, insurance, radiation poisoning, not enough technicians, booked up for the next year, it's going to snow all next week --anything but that excuse. That excuse just doesn't cut it.

Prayers headed your way, Deb.



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Prayers for your Mom -and for YOU! Sometimes think this whole ordeal is harder on my husband than it is on me (I have the cancer.)

I have been frustrated with attitudes and roadblocks from insurance and medical folks. I was raised to be polite, understanding, don't be pushy or demanding, etc. But, I can see now, no one will work as hard for your health and well-being as you will yourself and you have to be as nice as you can while being assertive and unrelenting in getting what is best for you.

Hang in there! Sounds like you are a great advocate for your Mom and will do everything in your power to get her the best treatment.


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