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God will never desert us


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There is a great diversity among Christians in how they understand and express the Gospel. However I am not aware of anyone who professes to be Christian who does not say that God is love. Whatever else we might say or not say about God, it seems to be universally agreed that our God is a god of love.

It is so easy to take our own experience of love and transpose it on God. When we do this, we diminish God's love. Because God is God, Divine love ought to surpass human love and be something truly worthy of the Divine nature. It ought to be greater than anything we have shared human to human. And of course it is. Where we can be let down and disappointed in human love, we need not fear anything similar happening in our relationship with God.

One of the prime aspects of Divine love is Grace. God graciously overlooks our human frailty and ineptitude to accept us, love us and forgive us. Grace is blind to our shortcomings and totally accepting of us as humans, no matter who we are. And we cannot abuse God's grace. We are aware in human terms that we can take advantage of the kindness and benevolence of others and abuse the relationship. We can be so needy, demanding, and uncaring that we exploit our human relationships for personal gain.

This can't happen with God. This is what makes God, God, and Divine grace truly gracious. We cannot abuse, manipulate, or exploit God's loving benevolence to the point of damaging our relationship. God is not human, subject to the frailty of human love. God is God, and there is nothing we can do that will have God withdraw from us. God's gracious love is the one constant that we can count on. It will never let us down, it will never disappoint. No matter what, God will never desert us.

Thanks be to our God of Grace.

I read this awhile ago and loved it. Thought I would share it with all of you. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Love and prayers,


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I loved it, and I'm not even Christian (technically, well it's a long, confusing story). some things are universal - the god know is love, and, as a very wise friend once told me "grace is enough, if you cooperate with it."



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