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Bad Day


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Having a bad day! Ran out of regular pain pills and was hurting so bad I had to take some others I have here while I called the doc and got a scrip called in. Took the pill at 10am and am still messed up, plus it put me into a depression.

I've been coughing a lot more and thinking all kinds of things (of course), have chemo tomorrow and will discuss with doc then.

Scared about the cough! Scared about the upcoming gallbladder surgery (trying to get is scheduled).

Just a bad tear filled day! Thanks for listening.

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We are familiar with those kinds of days.

They suck.

Beth, we care. I wish we could say just the right encouraging words.............Please know that you could be coughing out of nervousness, or spring allergies..........You have been feeling crappy for a while now and sometimes it is just hard to remember feeling good.

Sending lots of hugs and "poor babies" to you and praying hard for a bright happy tomorrow.



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Oh Beth,

How I wish I had the magic words...or the magic touch even - to take the pain and fear away. I have been praying so hard for you to catch a break! I will step those prayers up a bit tonight.

I know my bio reads a whole lot better than yours... but trust me when I say I have MANY unresolved issues pertaining to pain and questions. My last days have found me less than exuberant...so to speak. It is unnerving to not know what is happening, isn't it? Sure wish there were ways to just hang onto to each other and feel the power of us together. Just know I will continue to remember you in prayer. It is time...time for your break soon.



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Hi Beth,

I hope you had a good cry and you are feeling better today. I hate those days, but it will pass.

Praying for you and hope you are feeling better. You have so much on your plate. I pray your load gets lighter. Hang in there. It will get better.


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Ok, so stop it with this "bad day" stuff, ok? Like it's that easy.

I know firsthand that when your gallbladder gets all stopped up and stony, it makes you feel BAD. I can't recall being as sick for so long with anything else I've ever had in my entire life as I was when all that was going on with my gallbladder.

I hope you can get yours fixed up SOON, and get to feeling better, bless your heart.


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