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Alimta #6


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Had Alimta #6 today....nothing to tell, everything went smoothly. Scheduled for CT Scan to see what's happening on 06/14.

Was also told I couldn't do gallbladder surgery for two weeks.....I was hoping for next week but the oncologist just killed that one.

Still have pain in my torso, thank goodness for pain pills and not those crazy one's I took yesterday that had me all upset and trashed! No more Nuerontin (sp?) for me!

Doc says that as long as Alimta is working we are going to keep going every three weeks. Hurray!

Will keep those interested posted!

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Glad things went well today. Hope it's continues to work. One thing for sure, Alimta is treating you a lot better than it is me. Since #6, the SOB has really been a bear. Can't do much at all and the steroids don't seem to be doing as good a job to get rid of it. Oh, well, gotta go with the flow and "Git Er Done". Take care and hang tough.


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Hi Beth,

Glad to hear how things are going. It seems to be a little bit smoother for you, huh?

I noticed some replies to posts you've made....more than you've done in a while AND you seemed to have more to say. I take that as a VERY good sign that MAYBE you are feeling a bit better :?: I certainly hope so. AND I hope it continues for you.

I have been praying along with wishing just so darn hard that things would turn around for you. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was IT???



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I'm with Kasey....maybe this is the start of a turnaround for you, Beth....with things going positively and successfully and WITHOUT ANY BLINKIN' SIDE EFFECTS FOR A CHANGE....eh?

Glad to see you posting, too. Hope you keep feeling better and better!!

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Hi Beth,

Didn't get a chance to respond to your bad day , but glad to hear that this one was better. Sure hope that gall bladder behaves until you have the surgery, glad you got the pain med fixed and glad your treatment went well today... You're on a roll!!! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers... I just know those scans are going to be good.. I just know it...

Love and Prayers,


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