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Signs that Brain mets may be back


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Does anyone know if broken blood vessels in the eye could signal the return of brain mets? Hopefully, I am just being paranoid. My mother woke up on Sunday with a very bloodshot eye and does not remember being bumped there or scratching there. She did go and see her Md. and he said that broken vessles are no big deal. I am worried as she has done a couple of unusual things in the past few weeks and those behaviors have made me wonder if something is not right.

Thanks for your help!

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I don't know for sure...and i'd be apt to listen to the dr. before me for sure (LOL) but i CAN tell you that for quite a while Mom had been getting broken blood vessels in her eyes that would leave a patch about the size of a pencil eraser in the corner usually. We still don't know that the brain met had anything to do with it at all...just another story. Like i said, Dr. (usually) knows best...i believe in "follow your gut". Hopes it goes away soon...Mom said hers used to itch as they healed!

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