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3 Years And Many Many More To Come!


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Good Day To All,

Well This Past Memorial Day Now Makes It 3 Years For Me And I Plan On Making It Many Many More To Come…Just put One Foot In Front Of The Other, Keep Moving, Live Life To The Fullest, The Best Way I Know How. Not Always Easy And As Bob Dylan Sang For The Times They Are A-Changin'. I'm Very Fortunate And Very Blessed To Have Some Very Wonderful, Special And Unique People In My Life To Get Me Through All This. To Them I Am Forever Grateful And I Hold Them To The Highest Esteem. On To Cindi’s Pub (Bud Light And Chemo, Works For Me) For A Cold One. Peace, Take Care And God Bless.


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Happy 3 Year Anniversary! Good for you...I wish you lots and lots of Memorial Days to come. You are a great supporter of us all. So I get to buy the first round at Cindi's...I'll meet everybody there.


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The best part of you being a 3 years survivor is, we at LCSC have the honor of being friends with a GREAT GUY! Your the BEST!! (((((RICH)))))))

Here's to 3 more, and 3 more, and 3 more, etc. etc.

Hey, the first Bud Light is on me! :wink: Chug a lug!!

Love & Hugs,


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Rich....three years is a great milestone...and I will join you in the pub shortly to help celebrate this Victory of Survivorship!!

Lets see those threes keep piling up until you've got 30 of them...and then we'll go from there, ok? 8)

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Congratulations on your three years survivorship! You are another one of those people who are so inspirational to me, I have no words to describe my gratitude. Many many more anniversaries to you!


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Hi Rich,

You are amazing!!! I read your profile, and you should be written up. You have been through so much and what an inspiration you are. With your plate so full, you find the time to be a mediator to investigate different web sites and give us up to date information about LC. Thank you so much for all the valuable information you pass along to us.

Even your avitars are always so inspiring.

Like you always say "Never Give Up"!!!

THREE YEARS AND COUNTING!!!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it is working.

Also, you daughter is extremely talented. You must be so proud of her which she is of you. I know you are a wonderful dad.

Take care Rich,


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