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Six Years Ago Today.......

Fay A.

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I received a telephone call informing me that my second Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy was positive for malignancy. I could write a book on all that led up to that point. I could write a book on all that led from that point to this.

I thank God every day for allowing me to open my eyes. Thanks to all those who have shared your time and experiences. By doing so you've been instrumental in helping me learn how to navigate my SurvivorShip.

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Well, this will probably sound odd, but I am glad that you are here. Of course, I wish that you never had to be here, that is a given. But other than that, I am glad that I know you.

Keep fighting the good fight Fay, whether it is with cancer or health providers, or whomever it needs to be with. You are such an example of what and how we need to be in our fight to survive....


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Congratulations, Fay, you certainly came a long, long way.

Cind's bar is now officially open, Let me be the first to buy you a drink!! :wink:

Heres to another 6, another 6, another 6 etc...


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Wow kiddo, we've been together a long time! :D:D

And they didn't think we would make it a year!wink:

We Showed THEM!! :shock::D

Well Fay, we've hit the high points and we've hit the low points, and any way you want to look at it, we did TOGETHER! Kind of like the good, bad and the ugly. Guess you could say we had some of that too! :wink::wink:

CONGRATULATIONS just doesn't seem like the right word to say for all you have been through on this journey. But, for now that will have to do my friend. Your a wonderful person and a great friend and it's been a nice ride having you along side.

(((((((((((((((((((FAY A))))))))))))))))))))))))

Happy 6th Year!!

Love & Hugs,


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Here's to 6 more, Fay....and then another 6 after that, and oh lets' say 12 after that, and then another 12 plus another 6....

For a lady that collects chickens....there ain't nothin' chicken about you, dear Fay. 8)

You inspire!

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Congratulations on your 6 year mark of survivorship! You are one of those wonderful people who continue to give me hope, and I am very grateful to you! Please keep it up.....


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Wow, does Tina have it right. This site is really the right reality show for true survivors. Six years Fay, what a great accomplishment and I know it has not been an easy time. But you have shown everyone you are no 'chicken' and will continue to fight the fight. Expect to be here with you to celebrate your diamond anniversary.

Where's the new picture of your in your tshirt?

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