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Treatment/Physician Update

Michael Lewis

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First, a big thanks to all those who provided encouragement and advice to a "newcomer".

Many expressed some concern that I was not yet receiving chemo, and wondered why. My doc simply has not given me a satisfactory answer. Consequently, I have made an appointment with another doc at a respected local cancer treatment center. I will see him next Wednesday, the 8th.

I spoke briefly with an oncology nurse yesterday who coordinates clinical trials locally. When I asked her what she would do if she were me, she responded, "Run, not walk, to the nearest doc who would provide immediate treatment. The fact that the cancer is not proving painful or uncomfortable is not a reason for -not- having treatment. In fact", she said, "treating a small amount of cancer early can have many beneficial results".

OK, OK, I now get the picture...and, she asked, "Why were you not given chemo following surgery despite clean scans?". Possibly because the hospital where I was treated is a bit behind on treatment protocol. It would be most disappointing to discover that this re-occurance could have been avoided.


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From what I have heard and eyeballed myself there are some pretty good doc's and treatment facilities here in Washington and in the Seattle area (I'm over in Oak Harbor). That means you have LOTS of places to go to get the treatment you need.

Way to go for being proactive! Keep us posted!


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One thing you might want to look into BEFORE you start any chemo is clinical trials.

They are another option, but once you start on any treatment it may severely limit the trials you that you can get into to.

All trials have protocols, so if you have some chemo it may make you ineligable for a trial down the line so it is important to investigate this option if it appeals to you

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/search ... washington

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I agree completely with what everyone else has said. Being pro-active and seeking treatment for this disease is very important, rather than waiting for symptoms to appear and then doing something. Also, as John suggested, clinical trials would definitely be a good thing to look into before you start any specific chemo. I hope your doctors take an active stance in seeing that you feel good and are able to enjoy your life. You deserve that. Don't let them take a wishy-washy approach to your case. I hope you continue to feel well.


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Hi Michael: I am glad that nurse spoke to you.

I have been doing chemo and it has been going pretty good. I did not do it after my first cancer and wish I would have. Oh well. I made what I thought was the best decision at the time. Fortuntely for me, my second cancer was local and I had a surgical cure again but I am doing chemo this time just to make sure. It loos like we are in for a wet June.

Don M

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