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Update on Mike


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Hi Everyone,

Last time I wrote about Mike was on April 19th. He had been on Alimta since Dec. 6th. The Alimta seems to have kept everything stable and the last treatment was on March 28th. He had 6 total treatments. He had to quit because he developed pneumonitis . He became very short of breath and his CT scan showed a "ground glass opacity" . They said this was inflammation as a result of chemo and possibly radiation in the past. The pulmonologist started him on high doses of prednisone for 8 weeks and put him on oxygen 24 hours a day .

Today was his follow up visit , after 6 weeks and after a CT scan of his chest. His breathing is better and the scans shows the inflammation has cleared up and the cancer is still stable. He will continue on with the prednisone regimen which will be decreased until it is down to 10 mg 10 weeks from now (if he can get by with only 10 mg at that point). The next step is an appointment with the oncologist on Monday , June 6th, to see what he has to say. Will update this then.. Thank you to everyone that has written and inquired about Mike's progress.

Overall, he is doing pretty good. He is dealing with high blood pressure and shingles that just started on his chest, but other than that, he is feeling pretty good. His activity is limited due to SOB, but otherwise he is doing well.

Please know that everyone here is in my prayers and I am so very grateful to be here with you.

Love and Prayers to all,


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Hi Sue,

Thanks for the update. Iam sooo glad that things are looking better for Mike. Looks like he can start to see some light at the end of that tunnel he was in.

Continued prayers sent to him to stay stable and to get his breath and strength back. You both have been through so much. It feels good to hear good news.


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