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how to get in touch with me

Remembering Dave

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I'm staying off the board as much as I can for a while longer. we have alot of things to focus on. we JUST SOLD our house this morning, and we have to focus on finding a new house, moving AND Dave's next chapter.

but if you want to keep in touch with me, PM me, and I'll give you my email address (at work, the one I use, it's not connected to this account).

thanks, Karen

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Congrats on the sale, Chapmans!! I know it's a hassle moving...but in the long run, this should simplify things for you. Hope you find the house of your dreams asap.

You've got my email...and if group emails are easiest...include me so I know how you guys are doing.

Sending good thoughts for the right house AND for Dave to do well with the next chapter, whatever it turns out to be. Hang in there....

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The sale of the house just starts taking some of the load off your shoulders. Next is to find the house close to work, the drs. and Faith's day care. Life will be so much less stressful for you all.

Please if you start an email group, include me. I would like very much to know how your life is going.


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Karen,,,,thanks for the update and congratulations on finally selling your house!!!!! Whew!!! I pm'd you with my email address, and would appreciate you staying in touch when you can. Prayers to Dave for next weeks test.



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