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Muscle Cramps After Lung Surgery


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Yep, Sharon, usually when I "overdo" it. If I walk too fast, the stitch I get is in my right side, and higher than I used to get them (guess it followed the lung tissue up). I still get nerve pain around the incision and have a few "hot zones" that I prefer to not have people (or clothing items) touch.

I guess the thing that really gets to me is the knowledge that everything is "different" now when something like the muscle cramp or nerve pain hit and mentally going down the road of all I've been through and how my Life Path has diverted from the one I had always seen. On the bright side, I notice more flowers on this trail and try my damnedest to not speed past all the good stuff...

Take care, it's good to see you again!


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I had a lobectomy, followed by chemo/radiation. For a long time after surgery, I felt like I had a cardboard shoe box shoved in my right side, under my armpit -- any sudden movements or twist would send shooting pains (sort of like being really pregant and rolling over in bed to quickly!). It's been more than two years since surgery, and what I have noticed now is that when I get STRESSED I actually get a dull ache in my upper back or near my surgical scar (on my right side). I can only assume that my muscles tense when I am stressed and it causes the ache near the surgical area.

As Becky said, we seem to have all sorts of "stuff" that goes on these days that we have to accept as the new normal... :roll: However, I'll take these aches and pains any day for the chance to wake up each morning and greet the day, spend time with my family, and get out there and smell the roses! :wink:

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Ya know, Heather, come to think of it, I feel it more when I'm stressed, too! I get pains that make me readjust my chair at work, thinking it's just ergonomic and if I sit differently, it will - well, just hurt differently, maybe? LOL I don't know, but a nice relaxing, hot bath makes it all better...especially with a glass of wine and some soft music. Guess that would relieve the stress, too, huh? :wink:

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You are not alone. It has been a year since my surgery and I still get pain in my back and right side. The area near my incision will burn when I stand for long periods of time, or if I am doing strenuous work. I got a referral to a physical therapist six months ago who gave me a series of exercises that have helped. I have really noticed improvement in the last couple of months.

I concur with everyone else. A little discomfort beats the alternative. I tell everyone that the soreness in my side is a reminder of how lucky I was that this thing was caught.


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Yes when skin an muscle and nerves cut and reattached the signals are confused and also muscles triggered to contract because signals and messages are connected to different areas They get connected to the wrong nerves and signals get crossed.  Sometimes it fixes itself sometimes not 

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