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Forgive me but I want the money!

Donna G

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Last night my husband and myself went to the annual fundraiser for Spike who races cars. It is a great dinner,music and they sell chances etc. Spike announced that he and his car sponsor were donating some of the money to Ovarian cancer research. Two women there jumped up in joy! They knew someone with Ovarian Cancer. Now 25,000 women a year are diagnosed with this cancer and it is very sneaky so generally like lung cancer it is in late stages when it is diagnosed so 16,000 die a year. It seemed the group at this party were all heavy smokers many were women. I was so tempted to tell someone this group should sponsor lung cancer research for this will affect more of them. Donna G

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Dear Friends,

Am I missing something here? Are you saying you don't support people giving to ovarian cancer????????? I don't understand what them being heavy smokers has to do with it. Oh, well, of course, I understand they are increasing their chances of getting lung cancer, but I just don't get the connection with not giving to the ovarian cancer research. I know we want more support for lung cancer, but I feel like I'm missing something with this thread.

Love to all,


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My husband and I went out Saturday night. We have found a local place that sometimes has live music and no smoking and is normally a pretty upbeat time with lots o' hometown folks out for fun...

Saturday was a bit different. One of the bands announced that their half of the 50-50 (how they pay for the hall) was going to support a Hometown Hero. See, our small town had our first casualty of the Iraq war, we lost a 21 year old with a child who just turned 1. He was buried on his second wedding anniversary. The "take" of the drawing? $105 - the winner in the crowd turning her half in for donation, as well.

How people donate their money is their business. If WE want more money, WE should make more noise, but we should not begrudge others the money that is heading to them for THEIR hardships. It would have been nice to have $210 go toward LC research, but not at the expense of a young widow and her child.

Talk to Spike, maybe next year he and his sponsor can donate to LC research.

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Thank you Peggy and Becky - I really struggled with this post as my mother-in-law died from Ovarian Cancer (my Mom and my MIL were dx'd within 3 months of each other), it was caught way too late. As Donna stated, it is a disease just as sneaky as LC and almost as deadly and it really needs some attention as well because I really don't want to see my kids or my sister-in-law and niece (or anyone else for that matter)to be diagnosed since they are now genetically disposed.

I don't disagree with needing more $$ and attention on LC and by all means tell Spike about LC and ask him if he will donate a portion of next years fundraiser to LC (great idea Becky).

Much Love,


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