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Messed up doctor story...


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Hey guys... Just got off the phone with a friend of mine.

He went to the doctor today because he's been having some strange symptoms... He vomits up blood, he's short of breath, he has pain in his chest, etc. His family history is like a lot of ours where if something serious seems to be wrong the "C word" becomes a big concern.

So he went to the doctor to figure out what's going on. I'm not sure if it's because he strongly indicated his concern over the "C word" or what... but...

Though he had a chest x-ray last week (that looked good), the doctor wouldn't do anything else for him. Despite the fact that he is having all of these weird symptoms, the doc. just told him, "Since you are on anxiety meds, I am assuming that you are just over-reacting to some minor symptoms. Nothing is wrong with you. People under 30 don't get cancer. And you don't have to think it's all herititary Is there anything else?"

Now whether or not this is cancer-related... That's a pretty sorry doctor if you ask me. He IS HAVING serious symptoms... and they're not going to do anything to figure out WHY. And on top of that... is he outta his mind on the age and heretity deal?!

And people wonder why so many cancers aren't caught until the late stages.

I'm just floored. I hope and pray there really is nothing wrong with my friend, but to just blow him off and say that he's over-reacting because he has anxiety issues is so outta line....

I think he better find a new doctor. (And I'm pretty sure he is)


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Gosh - don't we learn that lesson fast? I'm with you -- I wonder how many are out there who have been dismissed by a physician only to show up later with advanced disease of some kind.

Oh well. Back to those 2 magic words: second opinion

My best to your friend.


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Like Ry said--how can vomiting blood be anxiety?????

I am queen of anxiety and yeah my fatigue, tingling in face, arms, legs, muscle aches, muscle twitches, headaches, etc, etc,--those are all anxiety symptoms. But if I was throwing up blood, I'd demand a ct.

Let us know how your friend is! I hope it is nothign serious.

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Is this Physician affiliated with the Military? Because if so I will suggest to your friend that he RUNS to a civilian emergency room for treatment. I'm serious. Bleeding from the stomach is potentially life threatening.

If this is a Military Medical situation please private message me.

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It's actually not military related. He is a civilian at civilian facilities...

I've heard awful tales about military facilities too... and been the recipient of some already, but I really just think that there are awesome docs and awful docs no matter where you are.

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Val...this story is just too much!!! Where did this doctor go to school??? Since when don't people under 30 get cancer? Like Andrea, I have suffered anxiety attacks and have never thrown up blood!!! Please convince your friend to get a second opinion.

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Let me tell you my story with my doctor. I will try to keep it short.

My regular doctor for years moved on to an administrative position at a local hospital. He was a great PCP. In the meatime I decided to go to a PERSONAL Friend of mine who had just became a doctor. WEnt to him for two years and when I described my ailments his answer to everything was "Quit Smoking". Good idea but he never sent me for any other follow up tests or x-rays and just perscribed meds for various problems. Although I had no cancer symptoms at all I decided to change doctors and go with my wife's PCP. Being new to him, he decided to do a completed work up on me instead of asking my old doc for records. Started with bloodwork, chest x-ray, blood suger, etc. Well, I complained about a pain in my upper right chest and he sent me for a Cat scan. Well the cat scan showed a nodule in my lower right lung with eventually turned out to be nsclc. It was too small for the chest x-ray to pick it up. Very small tumor (2.5 cm) Doc set me up for all the follow ups with other doctors and I had surgery on April 20th of this year at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.. Currently no sign of cancer, staged 1a so no chemo or radiation wass needed. My point is: If I did not change PCP's this probably would never have been caught until it was too late. I would tell your friend to change Doctors immediately. Today I just feel so lucky and thank God everyday for this second chance.

Bill in PA

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My PCP offered me anti-depressants. Said I was just a stressed working mom. I was too young (at age 40!) for anything serious. AND THIS WAS A WOMAN DOC!

I kept going back to her, about once every other week until she finally referred me to a pulmonologist who immediately sent me for a ct scan and found my tumor. I wasted 3 months with that PCP!.

Tell your friend to either insist on a referral or find another doc.


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Well here's the night mare incidence i know personaly about. This man used to be our neighbor and he was very poor and yes alot had to do with his life style. Well for 2 year's he would go almost monthly to his i assumed state paid Doctor and he would be spitting and coughing up blood and other problem's.Well you know the story the Doctor said his trouble was his heavy drinking and smoking and at best would treat him with i understand with little respect.

His Doctor went on Vacation and a replacement was brought in and he went to him and he ordered CT's and of course they found he had so many Lung tumor's and others through out his body that all they could do was send him home to die and he did about 2 or 3 month's later.This Doctor is still practicing here so what does this tell you of some of our Medical Doctor's.And i understand the replacement Doctor filed a complaint but that is only hear say as i have no way of proving it.....

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Hi Val,

What a scary situation for friend. I hope he goes to another Doctor ASAP as we now how crutial time is, if it turn out to be tumors.

Maybe he sould print out all the youngs ones stories here ( there certainly are plenty) and send it to that doctor, highlighting there ages and highlighting the never smoked for some of them. He seems to have no clue. Might be a eye opening situation to him.

Let us know about your friend. Iam sure you are on him about the importance of getting medical attention ASAP.

Hope all is going well with your mom.


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Your friend should get to a Trama ER and they will do all kinds of testing to get to the bottom of the bleeding. Insurance should cover the visit because vomitting blood is definitely life threating.

His Dr. should be changed without a second thought.

Prayers and good luck to him.


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