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Sandy S


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Thanks for asking - boyfriend is doing fine, but now I got a second opinion from another urologist and my oncologist convinced him I need to get the adrenal gland removed too.

Surgery is set for June 22nd. Thank god I'm busy at work, because anytime I think about it too much I get totally stressed out and depressed.

But I've been thru worse with the chemo and radiation - so I know I can handle this too. But it still sucks.


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Oh, Sandy,

Your post has me first smiling then concerned.

Isn't that just the way life usually is??

Good and bad, good and bad, good and bad.

Please know that June 22 will be prayer and support day for you from us.

Keep us posted and we are so glad you are busy with life and keeping surgery where it belongs...........as a detail to be dealt with in its proper time.............



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